The Case of the Smuggler's Wife - Chapter 1

Sheryl Holmes has always loved Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories about his great detective. Inspired by the stories and deciding that she wasn't given her surname by chance, Sheryl has opened up the 221B Baker Detective Agency so that she can become a great detective herself. Taking on cases, meeting other detectives, solving mysteries; Sheryl has a learn to lot.
Is she just a fan with delusions of grandeur?
Does she even have the skills to become a great detective?
Well, that's another myster

A deerstalker hat laid next to a smoking pipe on the shelf. Beside these two items, the room was full of items that were related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective. There were the Sherlock Holmes books on the shelf, of course, next to the DVDs, comic books, and even VHS tapes which starred the detective. On the desk was a worn copy of A Study In Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes story. Without a doubt, this was the room of an avid fan.

The digital clock flicked its display to read 8:03 AM when the cellphone on the nightstand rang. The girl that was sleeping peacefully in the bed next to it stirred. She slowly opened her eyes, and with a drowsy look on her face, she sat up and reached for her phone.

"221B Baker Detective Agency... This is Sheryl Holmes... How can I help you?" she muttered into the phone.

"Sheryl, it's me, Michael."

Sheryl yawns a little before answering, "So, what does my big brother, the big chief of police want from me this early in the morning?"

"I have a case for you," Michael responded.

"What? Another one?" Sheryl whined and tossed over onto her other side.

"Yes, Sheryl, another one..." Michael's patience was getting strained.

However, Sheryl didn't catch on to that, so she continued to whine, "But this is the fifth one this month..."

"Yes, and this is the fifth case that you've had at all this month," Michael pointed out, his patience wearing thinner by the second.

Sheryl yawned a little again and responded with, "Well, when I get more famous, I'll-"

Michael's patience ran out, and he interrupted his sister, yelling, "No! I don't want you to get more famous. I want you to get a normal job, one that's safe. The only reason why I keep passing you cases is because if I don't, you'll just lounge around the house all day, wasting your time and your talents. Now get up, stop mooching off me, and take this case!"

Sheryl bolted up onto her knees, surprised by her brother's scolding. Getting angry herself, she yelled back at her brother. "Okay, fine! I'll take the case! I'm sorry that I can't get a 'normal' job like you where I just sit around all day telling people what to do!"

And with that, Sheryl hung up the phone. She sat on her bed, her hair a mess, and started to yawn again. With her arms stretched out and her mouth wide opened, she realized that she had forgotten something important. She picked up her phone and called her brother.

After a few rings, Michael's voice came through Sheryl's phone, "Hello?"

Sheepishly, Sheryl said, "Uh..., hi Mike... So, where am I supposed to go?"

The End

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