Part 2 - The Morning AfterMature

            "None of your business," he simpered slyly. It etched something very attractive onto his features, something intangible just around his jawline.

            That's it. I thought, Talk that way to a superior officer, on their knees, and you'll be in my seat soon enough.

            He ran another hand through my reddish brown hair.

            "Do I have to give a command? I won't enjoy the morning after if I don't know your name." I told him, idly coaxing the final drops of spooge out of him. "And that won't bode well for my crew. Especially you."

            "Morning after?" he scoffed. "Morning after!?"

            Eye contact, throughout it all, had been our thing. Now it was a glare, from me.

            "Do you think you're a big-shot, Captain?" he asked, leaning back against the padded tank's back support and flexing his abs to impress me. "Do you think that was anything special? You're not worthy!"

            I felt humiliated. Worst of all, he wasn't the least bit afraid of me. There was a complete separation in his mind between business and pleasure. Did it even occur to him that I had rank? No, of course it did! And he knew that, sure enough, I answered to a book. I had to pretend like this hadn't happened.

            I got up from what I'd done, moved to the side of the stall. My cheeks were now as flushed as his, but for a very different reason. Struggling to say something, I stuttered incoherently.

            "You give worse mouth than a Private, Captain," he dared. "Like you're still fourteen."


            I struck a blow across his handsome face.

            "What the fuck was that for!?" he growled.

            I smiled, lips closed. Carefully, I moved to block his exit. Then told him, "I'm just trying to state things politely."

            There was a confused look on his face. His ears twitched up, his nostrils flared and his mouth dropped into a slight gape. It made me wet to see him so.

            "If I told you of such things, Corporal, the way you've told me," I stated calmly, "you'd be back in your bunk crying into your pillow. For your pride is fragile, and your heart is still in your vices."

            He cocked his head to one side and held my eyes intently. There was a dagger attached to my thigh. Trust me, it seemed relevant at the time.

            "I also know," I spoke evenly, "that the new boarders have never been stationed with any females ranked Private."

            The gape fell full, as did his manhood rise again. Full.

            Now I had his dirty little secret. I leaned in and whispered it in his ear, "I'm your first woman. And there will be a morning after."

            Let him think that I read minds, I thought. I read people well. And I knew I wasn't wrong, for he looked back at me so forlorn.

            "You don't have one, so you don't know how to suck one," he reasoned.

            "I bet your fellatio logic works both ways," I sneered, sitting down just above his bent knees.

            "Don't get me wrong," he said defensively, "I don't play for the other team. It's just..."

            "What? Easier than masterbating when you're one docking from death's port on a barren, nuked planet of war?"

            "Something like that," he lied. "My heart's not in it with a man. It's lust without love."

            "Corporal," I addressed him, "where's the love in what we just did? We're two strangers in a bathroom. You won't even give me your star-damned name!"

            "I suppose," he said. "That's why it didn't feel any different."

            Damn, I thought. I wanted to go down on him again. I wanted to show him that his first impression was wrong. But it looked like I'd snagged yet another man who didn't know what he wanted, but seemed to think it involved a connection. A connection to me?

            But I have willpower. And I will have my morning after! When the urge is sated off his mind, and the heart is open to something more... I will have my morning after!

The End

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