Fire Carnival

The drinks went down as quickly as they were served. Her eyes growing wilder now as we talked about our travels. I found myself blathering and suddenly aware of the suggestive smile that drew me to her voluptuous lips. Ripe and tender they smouldered my very soul. I soon became aware I’d been cradled by both her, and sensual sauce. She asked me to dance.

Giggling intently we embarked on the fire. Tribesman hammered the skin of their drums to a rhythmic beat as she snaked her body artistically. I grinned in ore whilst my limbs followed her movements. Her hips then persuade mine as we embraced the scene. The fire eaters continuously gorged themselves with the flames and soon we were in the midst of the practice. They danced frantically like shaman, circling us as the drums grew louder. A crowd of observers had formed all laughing and clapping with the fire shimmering off the whites of their eyes.

Now consumed by the drink my legs were beginning to fail. I merely watched her, still playing artful victim to the endless drumming. I focused on maintaining my footing though seemed to sway with the gentle wind that embodied me. She twist and turned hypnotically as my legs bowed. A roar of laughter swept around me as the crowd cheered my collapse. She smiled graceful, still swinging her hip revealing the beautifully tanned film of her thighs.

The gathering began to cease as she approached in an attempt to lift me. Together we fell laughing looking into one another’s eyes under a starry sky. The rhythmic beat grew distant, following the horde of spectators. There in the calm of night she lay upon me. Her tousled hair tickling my neck a she drew her lips toward mine...

The End

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