She woke

¨Rose? Rose?¨

My mothers voice became quieter as I lied on the wooden floor. 

There was a click, then a scream. Then the world went dark. 

I woke up to a bright light shining in my eyes. There was a constant beeping, along with a presence leaning over me. 

¨Thank God!¨ A distressed voice cried out. 

Arms were wrapped around me in an almost life saving hug.

¨Baby.¨ a deep voice called.

Blinking to regain my vision, I spotted a familiar man.

He wore a dark blue uniform with a 'S' on the breast pocket. The collar was crooked and the bottom of his shirt wasn't tucked in. His khakis looked professional, except for the dark red stains on them. 

I tried to life my arms, but the shocking pain stopped me. Looking down, I saw that my wrists were sewed shut my a blue string-like fabric. 

¨Dang!¨ I yelled, kicking my feet like a young child throwing a temper tantrum. 

The End

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