A story of a young girl who attempts suicide and fails. Where will her future lead? DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED. Don't worry, it gets better later on

Please criticize, praise, or tell me how I can make it better :)

I held it to my wrist.

Slicing down, the sharp pain made me jump.Crimson red bled from the wound that will soon be the maker of my death. 

"Rose! Open up!" my mother yelled from the other side of he wooden bathroom door.

"I'm in the bath, mom!" I called out, looking at my thin, pink pajama pants and white tank top in the mirror. 

"You're 15!" Take a shower!" 

"Ok!" I replied with the last of my strength my heart pounding.

I knelled on the cold, tile floor of the bathroom, crawling my way over to the toilet, darkness surrounding me. My head spun wildly. Clamping my hands together, I prayed to be forgiven.

"Not religious," I weakly whispered to myself, "but just in case"

"Rose! Hurry!" my mother violently pounded on the door.

Not having the energy to yell back, i closed my eyes, waiting to die.

The End

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