A New World BeckonsMature

Cally walked out the door and wandered around the town for a while. She bought herself an ice cream from a man on the sidewalk (why the hell's it always have to be a man? she thought) and sat in the park for a bit. She watched two little girls playing. They were really lucky, she thought, not to have to worry about men yet. What a depressing thought: one day they would. She lay back and stared at the sun through her shades.

A macho duck was chasing some little duckling and making such a noise it woke her up.

"Shit," she thought, "I've been sunburnt."

She chased the duck back towards its pond. "Not so tough now, little guy!" she said as it looked at her reproachfully and waddled into the water.

She went to Nite's Crazy, the only bar in town she'd never tried.

There were two guys there and a couple of women. They were laughing and laughing and laughing like she'd never heard before. They invited her to join their group. At first she refused but there was something about them she couldn't help liking. As they drank into the night she stopped seeing those two guys as guys and the two women as women - they became just her friends, the most beautiful people she'd met.

They helped her back to a hotel.

She awoke next morning with the worst headache ever in a fantastic hotel room which had been paid for. She hadn't even gotten the names of the people from last night. She couldn't quite remember what had happened but it had been one hell of a party. She didn't have their phone numbers, email addresses or anything. For one night in her life she'd been happy with some great human beings. Would she ever see them again?

The End

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