She Remembers

Just had to write an essay for English and decided to write this...tell me what you think please?

She remembers when the big wave came in from the sea and swept away the town the same way she used to sweep her toys away with one arm and watch them tumble off the table. She only ever did this when she was angry and now she begins to wonder if the fishermen have angered the god's of the sea.

The town is almost completely underwater, when the wave hit, she was with her father in the orchards and he had grabbed a hold of the rope around a tree with one hand, twisting it around his arm and wrist as tight as he could, then he curled his body around his daughter, sheltering her and holding her with the other hand.

After the initial danger was gone he had clung to a piece of debris hoping it would float towards higher ground but no such luck was to be had, and now she is alone and afraid.

Her little hands are turning blue as she shivers and curls up tighter on the rock her father left her on. "I'll be back." he had promised before he left in search of her mother and brothers. She knows in her heart that he will never come back.

Her fingers curl around the seashell she wears on a chord around her neck. Two years ago an Irish girl had come to the town to help teach in the school and she had become very friendly with all of the townspeople. Her name was Aoife.

She tightens her grip on the seashell and hopes that Miss Aoife is alright. Perhaps the big angry wave did not make it to the schoolhouse.....but no, a small sob escapes her and she holds the necklace Aoife gave her in both hands. Everybody is gone and she is the only one left.

For the first time in her 5 year old life she prays, calling on all the Gods she can think of, and begging them to help her.

The light is fading now, it's getting colder. She watches through swollen red eyes as the debris floats past the rock, carrying several corpses past her tired form and out to sea.

She begins to wonder what it would be like to just slip into the water and sleep forever. She had heard that the goddess Shama (of souls lost at sea) takes you to her palace and you live there for all eternity. She would see her mother and father again, and her brothers.

Then suddenly a light shines on her and she sits up and blinks at it, raising a hand protectively to her face. Someone is saying something, calling to her, but she cannot hear what they say.

Then her ears pick out her name and she recognizes the voice. "Aoife." she whispers as the schoolteacher reaches her in the boat and scoops the tiny child up in her arms. "Alondra, child, I'm so glad you are safe." Aoife knows better then to mention anyone else and instead cradles the child to her as the men row on, looking for survivors.

The little girl is smiling now, her eyes closed and her tiny arms clinging to Aoife's jacket. A lot of Aoife's tension vanishes as she thinks about the mental healing powers of children, if only Aoife herself could forget what she's seen today. She pulled bodies from the water, all four of Alondra's brothers were among the dead. Her parents are still missing.

With a grimace Aoife looks around her at the massive destruction left in the wake of one of nature's most destructive forces. "Tsunami." she whispers and Alondra shivers and opens her eyes.

Only one though passes through the schoolteacher's mind as she smooths the little girl's hair back from her face.

She remembers.....

The End

The End

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