She Is Everywhere

A strong boy returns home from a funeral.

It‘s late morning, but he has not slept in days.

Taking his pain like a real man, he lies on his back on the basement couch and closes his eyes.

He almost feels her on top of him,

almost sees her adorable shyness as a rose-hued aura around her.

He trembles, so vulnerable under her, above her, beside her and from miles away.

His personal hell, his impossible heaven.

She flew to him on purple wings and he forgot,

forgot the things he's done and all that he was before that moment.

He remembers this very couch, two years ago... the first moments they had alone.

He was staring at her, completely lost.

She had smiled upon catching his excessive staring;

she was blushing and nervous.


He couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off his face and didn’t care enough to try.

"I was wondering when I’m supposed to kiss you."

She smiled wider then, a shaky uplift that revealed flawless teeth.

She averted her eyes from his in a flash of self-doubt.

"Well, that would be -your- department..." she said.

He raised his hand to her face, guiding her chin toward him.

His smile relaxed, and his eyes focused on her mouth.

Luscious, full-lipped, and most tantalizing of all...

completely untouched by anyone else.

He leaned his face in, slowly, shakily.

After a hesitation, she conceded by meeting him halfway.

Their lips collided, and somewhere in the universe a star exploded,

a God created a miracle...

a light turned on in the infinite endlessness of life.

He knew in that moment who he was.

And he knows now, who he is going to become and what his destiny will be.

All questions were answered in her kiss.

A kiss he'd waited for, for more than a year.

A kiss he'd been searching for all his life.

He had known before that moment.

Yes, he had felt it in her voice,

in the fact that the thought of her alone could move things in him,

break down walls, burn bridges.

He had nothing to hide behind with her;

it's not that he didn't want to lie.

It was just impossible.

But seeing her before him, within tangible reach for the first time...

he would have gotten down on one knee before her then and there,

had her disapproving father not been there with her.

No matter how much her presence had left the impression of it...

the rest of the world could not completely fall away.

The boy knew, this was still reality.

The boy knows that that's why she is now gone.

Looking back, it felt as if she was in his arms for moments,

mere seconds, before her death sent her flying from him once again;

chocolate hair flowing, innocent eyes turned towards the sun and, unwillingly, away from him.

But, it had happened. And he had had her.

She was his for a brief moment of time.

He smiled.

She has always been mine.

He opens his eyes, and he's on the basement floor alone again.

For the first time since her dying day, his heart is beating.

She is here.

She is everywhere.

The End

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