June 1

Today I threw my pointy cap up in the air. Mom and Aunt Candice took a million pictures. We had Jeff over for dinner and I’m glad he was there.
I guess in all my excitement, I hadn’t realized Aunt Candice was preoccupied with something.
My grandmother had taken a turn for the worst. I’m not sure when it started, but this week they said she had to be put on a ventilator. Thinking back, when Jeff and I were on the top of that ferris wheel having the time of our lives, she was taking her last few unaided and shaky breaths.
Then her organs began to fail one by one. The phone rang as we finished our meal. Aunt Candice rushed to get it. We all got very quiet. We could hear her distraught tone.
Grandma had passed away.
As I write this, I cry. Jeff was here to hold me earlier, and I’m glad he was. But like he, I needed some space to mourn. I thought about how she would be so happy now that I have a boyfriend. Maybe Aunt Candice told her, and maybe she knew that ferris wheel night.

June 6

Grandma’s funeral was nice. I had no idea she knew so many people! They all said nice words. We were able to dig up some old photographs of her. She worked at an air field, in a doughnut shop, and even a turkey farm!
I took her set of dishes and was promised a couple chairs. Most of her estate is being sold off at auction. I also received some jewelry, but nothing like the locket from Jeff’s grandma. My mother and Aunt Candice bickered over a few things, but in the end, they settled their differences.
One last thing. Since this is the final page of my journal.
There was a great march for gay pride at our courthouse. I called and made sure Kelsie was going to be there. Jeff and I wore shirts with rainbows on them. I did my hair in pigtails with rainbow tassels and we both painted our faces in rainbow colors. We made giant signs that said ‘Love’ in rainbow hippie-style bubble letters, and showed up to the rally. We found Kelsie and hugged her.
“You guys came here?”
“We have to support you like you supported us.”
“But I was such a bitch! I used you Hanns, I thought you knew that.”
“You coached me through birth, you got me to see Jeff as more than a friend, and you got me elected Prom Queen with the craziest rumor yet!” She laughed. “Maybe your motives were impure, but you are still the best girl friend I ever had!” I hugged her again.
“We owe you,” Jeff added.
We marched with her, screaming ‘Love is Love’ and other chants until we were near hoarse. We were the loudest and the proudest clowns there, albeit straight.
“Where are you going to college?” I asked Kelsie was we packed up the signs and ended the parade.
“I’m thinking about New York City. I hear they are more open to my kind.” She grinned.
“I wish you the best. Call my Aunt’s for my new number and stay in touch.”
“I will.”
I don’t know if she will, but I am happy with the way things ended.

The End

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