She didn’t remember the exact day but she remembered answering the questions and defending what she thought needed it. She woke every morning thinking, when she ate she thought; everywhere she went she was in her own world full of thoughts. She was not a very social girl but what went on in her mind begged to differ. She conversed with the unspoken voices, she built them. She created and tore down skyscrapers, gave and took life, she was the ultimate creator. She built the field in which they played and ended the game when she wanted.

            She had a world of interest which is why this one was so comforting. It was the only place that welcomed her with open arms. No matter what her new hair color was or the mood she was in this world didn’t give her looks of disgust or hate, this world didn’t get annoyed. It was her home where she didn’t have to worry about stress and pain. This world was her reference sheet of her everyday life, she looked back at it when she felt the pang that she didn’t belong, it told her not to care what others think it only mattered what she thought.

            She allowed the border of the world and reality to intersect like a Venn-diagram so she was in both equally as much, but she constantly reached for the world which was her escape. She hated to admit that as much as the world was a reference sheet to reality the same went vice versa. They went hand in hand, like a married couple and their child was their center. The center was a sticky situation, that child was both an all powerful creator and an ignorant baby. “How can the two be one?” was the question that made it so sticky and left it unanswered.

            She didn’t fit in, knowing what she did and not knowing what she didn’t was hard. She spent every day wondering how she can make it work but she was missing answers. Why could conversations come so easily in her world but in reality she didn’t know the answers to why she can't just say “Hi” to others. This confused her and created ripples like earthquakes in her world. She wondered if she was anything more than just a girl, she felt like a girl and lived in reality just like all the other girls, but how could she be just that? She wanted others to see her world and admire and love it as she did, to turn the pages of it with enthusiasm and desperation to know what happens next. She wanted it to help shape their lives as it had hers. Then she settled for what she believed to be truer than any fact. She was both an ultimate creator and a girl. She was Brittany Cassidy Rodriguez a Writer.

The End

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