She wore her hair loose over her small, smooth shoulders, her body wrapped in sleek red-leather down to her awesome exposed legs.

At the bar where she stood, she was the only sight worth attention. It was an Autumn day approaching dusk and many crowds of people from many circles of friends had gathered outdoors for a seasonal festival of the winter solstice. I’d come to find myself hillside, gazing into the scorching sunset which cast a warm ambience over the entire gathering, when my eye settled upon her.

Towards the marquee tent by the glittering lake were a sudden brace of insane performers--fire-eaters--all moving forth towards a surge of spectators, everybody driven by the continuous rising thump of the drums. Then my eye flicked back to the bar. Fire, of course! I’d seen, beneath my conscious eye, a row of fascinating people at the bar where the girl was standing; they all made eye contact with the barman and casually exchanged observations over there surroundings, yet I could tell even at a mute distance, that these people were strangers to each other.

I paced carefully downhill to find a space at the bar. As chance would have it, three men, red-faced and half-drunk, staggered from there seats and into a peaceful crowd. I leaned up against the padded edge of the bar examining bottles between glances towards the barman, when I experienced a shocking sense of De Ja Vu. For a split moment I thought I was about to faint, I felt dizzy. This passed quickly. When I looked up in order to be served I was met with a mischievous set of eyes smiling in a knowing warmth. It was her.

“You must be new to Absinth“, She said without changing expression.

Her look of amusement caused me to utter a heart-warming chuckle, that and the coincidence.

“No actually I’m new to fire-eating”, I blurted.

“All those lunatics ramming fire down there throats, I decided I had to wash one down myself”

The sound of my own words surprised me. But she seemed pleased.

“Czech Absinthe, nowhere makes it better than in Prague”

“Is that right?”

I ordered up two shots of Czina Absinthum with whatever chaser she’d prefer. She shook her head negatively.

“Make it four”

She reversed her attention from me towards the row of frosted glasses set up before us. Each one of them was swiftly filled with a dash of fragrant green liquid, then with a flick of a lighter each one was set ablaze and a spoon of sugar set on-top.

She stared fixedly at the blue/green flames, the reflection dancing violently in her beautiful brown eyes while she tipped the spoons, pouring each one dripping caramel morphing in the Absinthe-- creating a synergy of mystic beauty.

“Bottoms Up”, She said tipping the glass to her lips and knocking back her shot. She never took her eye off me.

“Your turn”, She said, flashing some conspiratorial wink.

I reached forth to claim my drink, returning the same fixed look, not taking my eyes from hers as my fingers met the glass. I lifted the shot and felt a vibe of apprehension surge into every nerve-end.

Slamming the shot down as I swallowed, I offered her the wink.

Then I experienced the most overwhelming burn as the Absinthe travelled down my passages. My entire tongue and throat felt like boiling liquorice, and I could literally feel the strange liquid as it settled in my unexpecting stomach.

“Again”, She insisted.

“Yeah”, That was all I could say. My throat was in severe pain, like when you eat hot Chilli.

I realised she saw that I was struggling to come to grips with the stuff, but she seemed to be enjoying that. I entertained myself with the idea that she was playing with me, cheekily ruining this young guy into a stupor, but after washing hers down and signalling for “four more”, I detected a wisp of calculated mania behind those glazed brown eyes.

“You seem quite excited to see me drunk”, I said casually, hoping to scrutinize her intents from behind those gorgeous eyes .

“Its only affectionate to offer somebody a special something”, she said giggling. “Here”, She thrust another glass at me and paused so that we would sink our drinks in sync.


The End

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