Fissure Of Shadows.

Despite the events of the previous night, Phoebe had slept relatively well until the morning. By the time she had awoken, she had pretty much passed off all she had seen as some kind of weird dream. Then she saw the shattered bedside lamp and instantly began to feel a twinge of pain in the heel of her left foot. 

Avoiding the shattered glass that she had neglected to sweep up in the absence of light the night before, Phoebe negotiated her way to the window, to see if the crack remained a permanent fixture to the center of the street.

The street was busy as normal, people scurried up and down, navigating there way to work, school, on deliveries, on certain mundane missions, going about their mundane lives, driving their average cars, wearing their average clothes. Nothing was out of the ordinary. 

Phoebe went about her normal morning routine as usual, she washed, dressed, ate some breakfast whilst bickering with her younger brother, brushed her teeth and packed her books for school. 

"Mum... mum..." Phoebe attempted to get her mothers attention, mouse like before she left the house. 

"What is it Phoebe? I've got to get your brother ready for school" She said irritably. Phoebe sometimes wondered if her mother resented having children, she always seemed to fed up with them, whether they were achieving well or not.

"Oh, don't worry then" Phoebe spoke quietly, thinking she had probably just been seeing things the night before, from the shock of cutting herself on the glass or something. 

Leaving the house behind her, Phoebe made her way across town to her friend Seraphim's house, to meet her before heading into school. It had become a traditional routine to follow. Phoebe would always knock for Sera on the way to school, and more often than not Sera would come back with Phoebe to hers after school. They had only met the year before, but in that short time they had become very close, much to the annoyance of Sera's other, more popular friends.

Phoebe had moved to the town with her brother and Mum just a year and a half a go, half way though her GCSE's when her Dad had walked out on them. It had been a tough time for all parties involved, but they overcame the adversity with great strength and emotional integrity. 

As Phoebe took a shortcut down a back alley she knew, passing the gathering of smokers that never neglected their apparent duty to be there, 8:20 on the dot, every morning, Phoebe saw a shadow move. 

Now it is generally considered in modern day society that such things as moving shadows do not give us an unnerving sense of paranoia. Phoebe however could not detect anything that this shadow belonged to. 

Phoebe ran, she couldn't explain her fear, it was irrational, and that made her hate it even more, it was a fear beyond any reason. 

When she reached Sera's house, Sera was, as usual not ready to leave and seemed far too busy eating her breakfast whilst simultaneously getting dressed to hear Phoebe's interesting story.

It appeared as though Phoebe might have to wait to a more convenient moment...


The End

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