Perdita was confused, she didn't understand the flurry of strangeness around her, her eyes hurt from the bright lights and... and colours she could see, everything had a tone and a shade of colour, everything was dazzling and beautiful, everything was full of feeling and energy.

Despite how amazing Perdita found her new surroundings, her head pounded, her mind thumping, her eyes throbbing, everything swayed backwards and forwards. Only when she saw Marz turn and shout at her did she even realize that her hearing had gone missing in action. 

The world around her swayed, she appeared to be in a valley of brick and stone, everything was very square, there windows and doors carved into the rock faces, which themselves were made out of square blocks. 

"What is this place?" She didn't hear herself say.

At the edges of the small trench that they found themselves in, were metal and glass things, they looked like a strange machine that resembled slightly a horse and cart, but there was no horse, and Perdita couldn't fathom a way of getting in. 

Marz tugged at Perdita's hand and pointed to one of the windows in the rock face. A young girl, a little younger than Perdita stood at the window, staring down at them. Perdita was horrified at the fact that this girl looked as stunned as she felt, what right did she have to be stunned? This was her world!

Marz seemed to shrink into the ground, dragging Perdita with him, and now she felt more at home, she was black as night and travelled across the ground, that was still a little too colourful for her painful eyes to bear. 

Perdita didn't know where she was going, or why, but she trusted Marz, she could trust him, he would help her, he was like a brother to her.

Marz found the pair of them a place to rest, albeit somewhat damp and cold. By morning the sun had risen, and Perdita had hoped her headache would go away, but what she saw was incredibly bright and a chaotic mess of colours.

The two of them were nestled in the corner of some corridor of wood, Perdita had pretty much given up on explaining these strange places that she had been dragged to, yet still it was strange to see these things, especially so when she thought it was bright enough at night time!

"What are we doing here Marz? She asked in a shadowy silence, pleased however to know that her hearing capability had rejoined her.

"Wait," he said sharply, "You'll see"

A girl moved past them in the alley, and Marz tugged at Perdita once more, dragging her along the brightly lit wooden wall. The girl turned and spotted them moving unexplainably behind her. Perdita immediately recognized the girl as the one from the night before. The girl began to sprint away from them, in some kind of frenzied horror.

"Has she never seen a shadow before??" Perdita asked, as wide-eyed as a shadow can be.

The End

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