By The Light Of The Moon

Phoebe awoke with a start, sweat gliding down her forehead, little beads rolling down her temples. She couldn't recall what had prompted her to awake so startled and unnerved, but what unnerved her more was the darkness, she immediately tried to switch her bedside lamp on, only to knock it over, it's bulb shattering as it crashed to the floor. Phoebe cursed, wiping sweat from her skull.

She righted herself in bed, swinging her feet around to press firmly on the cold stark wooden floorboards beneath her. She stepped quickly towards the exit of her bedroom. Her foot quickly found its way to a slither of bulb glass, pressing in and stabbing the heel of her foot. Phoebe cursed again.

"What is wrong with me?" She grimmaced, and collapsed backwards onto her bed, ready to pluck the piece of glass out of her heel.

The light of the moon filtered in to the bedroom, it was only at this moment that Phoebe realised that the room was not glowing its usual diluted orange from the ochre lamp outside her window. Having checked quickly for any splinters of glass in her foot, Phoebe was back on her feet, shuffling carefully across the room to her window to check why the lamp wasn't on.

At the window Phoebe was confused at what she initially saw. Below her in the center of the street there was a large crack, apparently not belonging to any certain surface but floating in the air, a crack, in the world.

Phoebe looked around to see what else she could see, she noticed that none of the lights down the street were on, and only the moon provided enough light to really make out anything at all. She wondered if she was really seeing what she was seeing, or whether she was in a strange dream, because as she thought this, two people jumped out of the crack, one in a bright red dress, one a male, trying to comfort their female companion.

At this point, wide eyed and completely gobsmacked, Phoebe just continued to stare, hands raised to the window, pressing against its hard cold, condensated surface.

Just when Phoebe thought it couldn't get any weirder, the male shouted something that screamed through the entire street, lamps exploding, car windscreens crackling, her own window shattered in her hands as this scream like choir filtered through the street, and as it came to an end he and his friend popped in a flash of light, leaving only their shadows racing away from the scene of the crime.

"What on earth is happening here?"

The End

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