...With Envy

"Marz!" Perdita growled through her teeth, "what in frogs blood are you doing here? My father shall surely kill you if he finds you absconding alongside me!"

Marz smiled at her, his face lit with the unending, ruthless adoration of a man that could only be described as in love. "My dear Perdita, you continue to astound, here we are in the middle of the Darkyst Woods in the middle of the coldest winter we've had for years, escaping from men that are surely sent to kill you for stealing a witches spell book and you are concerned for my wellfare? As flattered as I am by your selflessness, I feel the time has come that we must depart, afterall, you are coated in majickal ether, and it shan't be long until the witch will sense you. She is envious of your powers, you have the ability to create, where she only has the ability to corrupt, we must prevent her from reaching you, Myrkle knows what she might do to you."

Behind them, the pack of men grew closer, in fact they were so close, Perdita could see that they were armed with warlock wands.

"You're right, we need to get out of here, but how?" Perdita frowned, ducking down behind the tree.

"I happen to have picked up a few tricks my self in my time serving a wizard as great as your father... Let me demonstrate a little trick that has often allowed me to bring back rare ingredients, and objects such as your dress." Marz closed his eyes. A red circle lit on his left eyelid, throbbing faintly as he said a few words. "Eskillioh, entrensa formilliha shaa zamm!"

Marz took Perdita's hand and in the following moments a multitude of things happened that Perdita couldn't explain. The world around her twisted up, scrunched like a paper ball. The forests collapsed, trees fell, their snowy leaves sparkling in descent. Flickering white flames combusted further, blazing into a crecendo at which point they fizzled out abruptly.

The world around her exploded, Marz held tightly to Perdita, her hand gripping his tightly in fear. And as they stepped forward once more through the chaotic monochromatic landscape, they disappeared, leaving a crack in the world they left. Dark colours, green, blue, red, oozed from the crack, sparking slightly as the crept through the crush of monochrome...

The End

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