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Once upon a time…” That is how most Faerie tales begin; with a lonely princess in some trivial predicament, where her primary issue is that she hasn’t found the egotistical, blemish free prince that will sweep her off her feet and stare lovingly into her eyes. The story continues to unveil said prince and after minor complications… they undoubtedly live happily ever after. That is not how this story goes…


Snow petals haphazardly drifted in the dreamy dance amidst trees, fluttering lightly, brushing their cold limbs against the hard splinters thrusting up through white. Little rustled in the dead winter, the majority of trees were empty of their leaves; the evergreens were crisp in white and the bare trees mere skeletal structures piercing the ivory mist that whispered through the sky.

Night crept in slowly around the woods and around the city. From the outskirts little candlelit auras blinked in windows, a cityscape shimmered in embers. As day wept its final surrender to night, bigger brighter flames entered the forest, torches and shouting stirred the animals, the trees, feet disturbed the snow that had settled into a blanket. Five or more men ran through trees calling out and mumbling between one another when they stopped from time to time.

“Perdita! The forests are dangerous at night! You must return to your father's grounds!” One man called, yet no response was given from the never-ending forest.

Red dress shuddered in the wind like a flag, dangerous and bright between the snow and the sky, wrapped up in dark brown cloak. Perdita peered behind her and into the distance, fire light bit at the shadows in the bark of trees. They were getting closer and Perdita knew she couldn’t run forever... 

Everything was a shade of grey bar Perdita's brightly coloured Red dress and high heel shoes. She realized at this late point that perhaps stilettos had been a poor option when considering her escape footwear. The dress she wore was also of a dubious nature considering the bitter weather conditions that she journeyed out in. However, at this point, Perdita had far more important concerns. She needed somewhere to hide.

Wearing a red dress meant she was quite visible as light flickered along the brightly covered forest passages. The men edged in closer to her position as she breathed heavily, tucked neatly behind a tree. 

Shadows pressed along the ground, dark shapes bouncing in bulges of light as the white fires pressed darkness around. One shadow moved separately, sleekly winding from tree to tree, away from the pack that sought Perdita, around the pack that bickered and called out. The shape was swift and darker than the other shadows. The figure moved in... closer and closer still until he was pressed against the tree with Perdita, before she even noticed him. 

"Perdy, you do get yourself into some fixes don't you!" the boy's face was tattooed severely, and his eyes reflected her deep red dress. "Time to leave, don't you think?"


The End

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