S h a Z z a M !


Once upon a time…” That is how most Faerie tales begin; with a lonely princess in some trivial predicament, where her primary issue is that she hasn’t found the egotistical, blemish free prince that will sweep her off her feet and stare lovingly into her eyes. The story continues to unveil said prince and after minor complications… they undoubtedly live happily ever after. That is not how this story goes…



When it came, no one had expected it. When it came, no signs had been seen by anyone. When it came, everyone was thoroughly unprepared. Everyone bar Phoebe Chaseman. 

Now Phoebe had just turned 17 and had her whole life ahead of her, fresh out of school with ideas and plans for her future, her career, a family, a well thought out process of how her life would turn out. When she had taken all this into consideration, she had no idea what exactly was around the corner. 

Phoebe had been restless, the nights were warm and she couldn't reach sleep, with so much running through her mind, all her plans, all her dreams kept her from sleep. 

Ironic. She thought. Dreams preventing sleep, as oppose to being the parasite thereof.

Needless to say. Phoebe fancied herself something of a genius. She had aced her GCSE's and was all set to take on the world at A level. For her age, she had an outstanding use of vocabulary and an incredible sense of self awareness. Math came easy to her, she could calculate sums within seconds, she had wiped the floor with her opponent in the national maths team finals. Science was her strongest point though. Everything had a reason, there was a logical answer for everything. There was a solution to every problem, and she knew she could find it. 

Despite the fact that Phoebe was intelligent, she struggled with her emotional commitments, if she could get them at all. Phoebe wasn't unattractive, in fact she was far from it, she could easily turn heads, but something about her intimidated the boys at her school. She was quite tall, just short of 6 foot, with long chestnut hair. Her green eyes sparkled with her smile, but despite this something kept everyone away from her, she simply couldn't understand why, and this was one thing that often kept her awake. It was a problem she couldn't solve...

Shadows flickered at the edge of her peripheral, dragging there hulking mass across the pockmarked ceiling. Her family lived in a terraced house on a main road, an old fashioned street lamp hung dubiously from a lamp post directly outside her window. Moths battered their wings around it, powder sifting off of there backs. 

Phoebe watched the moths clumsily crash again and again into the lamp as she drifted away to sleep, where she dreamt of a land where someone wasn't shy to love her for who she had worked so hard to be...

When she awoke just before dawn, she soon wished that she could have her trivial problems back, because that's when things changed... that is when she knew something was happening. That would be how she knew, before it came...

The End

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