ShaZzaM // PzZaZz

This is my first attempt at a young person's story (possibly novel), it is about two worlds, and the rift that comes between them.



From The Author.

So, this is probably my first solo story on Protagonize, chances are I will get lazy and forget to update it, so for anyone who is actually interested in the progress of this story, kick me up the bum every now and again so I don't neglect it! 

The idea of this story is that it is set in two different worlds, and actually in effect these are intended as two different books, so you will notice I have done this in the 'Adventure' setting, so I can have each story run side by side and you can follow whichever one you prefer... I shall give you a quick synopsis of the stories so you can tell which one you would prefer to read, because you might get bored with reading them both!


S h a Z z a M !

Shazzam! is a story about 17 year old Phoebe Chaseman, a beautiful, witty young girl that has everything going for her. She has a boyfriend, she is acing school and she might even have a part in a new hollywood blockbuster if she does well at the audition.

But all is not well in the small town of Waltham, strange goings on and dark creatures are plaguing the modest little village... and one day when Phoebe wakes up... she finds all the colour in the world has gone...


P z Z a Z z ! ?

Pzzazz!? is a story set in Cortovyn, a hamlet in the center of the Darkyst Forest, where black, white and every shade of grey is the norm. 

Perdita Umphotic is your usual teenage girl of the woods, she trains in dark magiks, beast handling, broom riding and potions. Everything you'd expect.

However one day when Perdy wakes up to find the world is a radiant and shimmering mess of colours and shades she knows something is wrong.




Come into my worlds and share an adventure through colour and the restoration of their worlds true nature.


x X x x . . . E l Z u . W o l F e . . . z Z z z


The End

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