Shattering the WindshieldMature


She opened up her computer and google-imaged "Caribbean", scrolling lethargically through various photos of vague blue oceans, wondering if life had a point.  She was starting to feel as though her existence was some sort of sadistic joke. Everything around her was stiffened with a sense of failure, of stress that every second ticking past is gone for good and this aching paralysis of downright exhaustion. "I'm done," she told herself. "I'm just done." She closed her laptop and let it slowly onto the floor by her bed next to a mug with a cold sip of black coffee left  in the bottom. She then rolled over, and tried to paralyze herself into sleep. Or maybe a coma. A coma would be nice right now, she thought. She itched her leg, then rolled over, and reviewed the day. She thought back over what had happened, and all she could think was 'Shit.'

The End

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