Chapter ThreeMature

Chapter 3



Shortly after school, Molly had shown up at my front door. Walking to answer the door, I noticed that my father’s study door was open. Which was odd because even when I was a young child, when my parents were married, his study door was always closed, I’d never seen inside the room, and I still haven’t; I don’t plan on peeking inside, either. “Hi,” I say when I open the door, “what’s going on?”

“I need to talk to you,” Molly had answered.

“Come in.”

“Thanks,” taking off her coat, she turned to me, tears welling up in her eyes, “it’s about Mike.”

“Jesus Molly, sit down, come on let’s go to the couch, and then you can tell me what happened, okay?”

“Sure,” she was shaking, like she’d just witnessed a murder, or escaped from one. She sat down on the white leather couch, tucked her hands between her legs, and peered up at me. “He was jumped.”

Coughing, I asked, “He was what?”

“A couple of guys, I don’t know who they were, I didn’t get a good look at them; they must have been following Mike and I because he and I were walking down the catwalk, you know which one I’m talking about right?”

“The one by St. Anne High School?”

“Right. Anyway, he was telling me about his father’s new wife, and his newly step sisters, then it happened.”

“What happened?” I asked, even though I knew it. I could just picture it in my mind. I could see both Molly and Mike walking, talking, and laughing. A group of seniors walking behind them, more than likely dressed in the high school jackets with the Wolf Mascot stitched on the backs of the jackets. They’d walk up to Molly and Mike, socialize like they were old friends, and when Mike and Molly least expected it, they’d hit Mike. One or two of the boys holding Molly back while the rest of them beat Mike up. But was that all? “Did anything happen to you?”

Silence… “Molly, did something happen to you?” I reached forward to comfort her, but she slugged away from me. But, as she moved away from me, I noticed that her skirt was tattered, as if someone had violently pushed her skirt up. “What the fuck is that?” I’d pointed at her skirt. “Molly, please if something’s happened…”

“Oh god,” she cried out, “it was Matt.”

Pulling away from her, with a shocked look on my face, “what was Matt?”

“He… he… he fucking raped me!” Tears violently ran down her face now, she had dropped her face into the pillow that lay on the couch and cried her heart out.

I stood up as shock and disbelief swept over me, what the hell, I’d said to myself. “Are you sure? I thought you didn’t see who they were…”

“I lied!”


“Because I know you like him Katrina.” For the first time in years, she had actually used my full name, “it’s not hard to see…”

Finally I had managed to seat myself back down on the couch beside Molly, speaking as softly as I could manage I spoke to her, “tell me what happened.”

Peering up from the pillow, she’d looked at my face, sitting up she pulled her knees against her chest, and began to speak, but not that of the Molly I had grown to know. Instead she spoke in a shattering voice, “like I had said. Mike and I were walking down the catwalk; they came from behind us… Just as Kent and John grabbed Mike… Matt came from behind me and grabbed me. I was in too much shock, I couldn’t move. I screamed. Matt covered my mouth with his free hand and yanked me to the ground. You know how the catwalk is shadowed by trees, and right in the middle of the pathway, between my house and the street, how it’s nearly pitched black?”

I nodded.

“Nobody could see us, or hear what was going on… I watched as Mike got beaten to nearly a pulp… and then the three of the high and fucking mighty guys had their way with me… First Matt, then Kent… John…” She’d let her voice trail off.

“Jesus Molly…”

“I wasn’t going to tell anyone.”

“Why’d you tell me then?”

“Because I don’t want you to go the tryouts!”


“It’s not a good idea… I know how Stacy works… she’s not a nice person Kat.”

“Nobody is nice… well not truly nice anyway.”

“That’s not my point Kat. Please don’t do this, it will only end bad… for you.”


The End

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