Chapter TwoMature

Chapter 2


The next morning, I came down the stairs wearing a bright pink, bellybutton shirt, a pink skirt, and black high heels. My hair was straightened; it fell below my waist, and was lightly bathed in hairspray. I decided that I was going to wear light makeup today, I wore black eyeliner, (of course, I said to myself), mascara, and bright sparkly pink eye shadow. I looked nothing like I had looked like yesterday.

The moment I walked into the school, I felt every eye piercing into me like a hot rod going through butter. I wanted to literally melt right there and then. But I don’t. I walk with confidence, and superior strength. Hoping that my gracefulness won’t fail me, I walked up to Matt and said, “Hi, Matt.”

Quickly, he turned around and eyed me from head to toe. “Kat… is that you?” is all he managed.

“Yes,” I smiled. “Of course it’s me. Who else would it be?”

“Oh I don’t know? Perhaps I was expecting the Queen of the Moon to show up?” He winked at me. “What did you do to yourself?”

“Oh, I just got a makeover… that’s all.”

“I’m sure that’s all,” I swear I could hear humor in his voice.

Damn, here I was, flirting with the cutest boy in the school, who had a girlfriend already, and she happened to be the cheer captain. I’ve obviously chosen a tough choice, but hell. I didn’t just want Matt, I wanted into the popular group. I wanted this moment to last forever, but it doesn’t.

Stacy walked up to Matt and said, “Hi, sweetie. Oh, my! Katrina is that you?”

I wanted to tell her to shut up, wanted to tell her to go fuck herself, and to use ‘Kat’ not ‘Katrina’. But of course, because of my goodwill, and need to be accepted, I don’t.  “Yeah, it’s me.” I answer softly.

“Dear? Can we go now; I’m supposed to be at practice in a few minutes.”  Stacy giggled, “You should try out for the cheerleading squad, Katrina. Show up for tryouts tomorrow, you never know… you may get lucky.”

“Sure,” I say, “I’ll be there.”

“Good, c’mon honey.”

Was Stacy only being nice to me because Matt was by her? I wasn’t sure. She’d actually asked me to try out for the cheerleading tryouts. Just as Matt and Stacy disappeared around the corner, Molly came running around the corner, like she’d been running from someone.

“Damn, Kat,” she breathed, “where have you been?”

“…It’s the morning, Molly.”

“Well, I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“It’s Mike.”

“What about him?” Suddenly I felt worried, “What happened?”

“He… he got into an accident this morning.”

“What… is he okay?”

“Oh, he’s fine. Just a few minor scratches, but he’s been asking for you.”

“Oh, okay.” Breathing out, I added, “That’s good to hear though. At least he’s not seriously hurt.”

“Yeah, hey, what’s with the new makeover?”

I flushed red, “Nothing.”

“I saw you talking to Stacy and Matt. How the hell did you manage to talk to Stacy without her being a total bitch to you?”

“I don’t know,” was all I managed.

“What did she say?”

“Why are you so interested?”

“I don’t know! I just am? I am your best friend.”

“I know… well, she asked me to go to the cheerleading tryouts tomorrow.”


This time, when I had walked into my Biology class, the popular girls didn’t giggle or snicker at me, they smiled, but for some reason, I still felt out somewhere. I resumed my usual spot on the far end of the room away from them, no reason to rush things, I’d said to myself. Mr. Miles started to give us our lecture when Miss Bell walked into the room.

“Excuse me professor, may I borrow Miss Williams for a moment?”

“Of course, Katrina go on with Miss Bell.”

I stood up, and walked to the door, not looking back. What the hell did she want with me?

“I’m sorry to pull you out of class,” Miss Bell apologized, “but I hadn’t a chance to speak to you yesterday.”

“It’s alright,” I say, though I must admit, I wasn’t too pleased.

Miss Bell was in her late 40’s, her hair was always neatly done up in a bun, grey with a hint of blond, I’d assumed she was a natural blond when she was younger. I wasn’t too much shorter than she was one thing that stood out most from all her features, was her weight. She weighed over 200 lbs easy, although she was on the heavy side, she was still fairly beautiful.



The End

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