It’s funny how driving can be such an awful experience. I had been driving for eight hours now -- though it felt like much longer. I was weary, and ready to fall asleep...

I glanced over at Sally. She hadn’t taken her beautiful, blue eyes off of me the entire drive. Her medium-length light-brown hair blew in the chilly wind coming from her rolled down window. Somehow, I think she knew. She knew me well enough to be able to tell that I wanted to cry; She knew she had hurt me. We had barely talked the whole drive. She kept on trying to make jokes, trying make me feel better...she would look at me and say how I looked like Oscar the Grouch, or comment on something completely random...I knew her well enough to know that she was just trying to make me feel better, and normally, she would have...but not this time. Nothing could make me feel better.

I had loved Sally for five years now, and we had been together for the last three, and for those three years, we were the happiest couple; She had been there with me through the good times and the bad, for better, for worse...through it all, she had been there for me, and more than anything, with me. I loved her with all my heart; With every fiber of my being, I loved her. All the best times of my life, she was there. It’s hard to express in words the immense feelings I had for this beautiful, wonderful, amazing human was something beyond love -- it was something more. We were similar in so many ways; We were just...perfect for each other...truly, soul-mates. It’s an unfathomably amazing feeling to know that there’s someone there for’s hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Every moment I had spent with this woman was amazing; A few hours with her felt like a few minutes, and I just never wanted to be away from her, and she never wanted to be away from me.

But, then...things started going downhill. I don’t know what happened, honestly. We grew apart, and she just...wasn’t the same free-loving girl she used to be. I wasn’t as much of a free-loving guy who went out and did totally crazy things either, sure...I mean, we had both gotten more mature and grown up quite a lot since we had finished college, sure, was different with her. She used to love the guy who would do crazy stuff. Who would do things take her on a trip to the other side of the world just because he had the money to waste and he felt like it...crazy things like run up on stage with her during a concert, and start dancing, not worrying about whether not he would look stupid, or whether not he’d be dragged out of the venue...the guy who used to “go with the wind” -- as I always said -- and do things just for the hell of it; Just because it’d be fun...there just wasn’t that same old spark, y’know? And, yeah, I knew things had changed, but I still loved her, and I knew that she loved me.  We’d been together three years, and I had finally decided it was time to take the next step.

The night had been beautiful. We had driven all the way to the coast (about a ten hour drive in all), and had spent the entire weekend there...and on Sunday, I finally did it. I kneeled down in front of her on the beach, and I said those words, my heart racing, yet, deep down, I was sure she would say yes.  “Sally, will you marry me?” She gasped lightly, and looked down at me, a single tear running down her round cheek. The look in her eyes was not a look of joy, was a look of pity. I knew her, and I knew that look, and...I knew the answer.
“I’m sorry, can’t...”

I stared at her in disbelief. I had already braced myself for the worst, but even so, nothing can prepare you for the love of your life telling you that they don’t love you. I mean...This woman was amazing. I couldn’t imagine my future without her; Even trying to imagine my life without her boggled my mind...I remained there, kneeling in front of her, tears streaming down my face, and tears streaming down hers. We just stared into each others eyes for a few seconds...but...those few seconds were the longest of my life.

The day had been perfect until that moment, really. I didn’t think anything could ruin it. I was sure she would say yes. She went back to the hotel room, and I just sat there on the beach, weeping...

We left that night, and that’s how I ended up here. Besides the fact that I felt like someone just stabbed me in the heart, the night was actually quite beautiful. The moonlight shone into the cab of my trusty old truck...My hands were still clenched tightly on the wheel, as I watched the road, trying to stay awake. I began to doze a bit. Sally was still looking at me, and she ran her soft-skinned, perfect hand over my rough, dry, overworked hand. My head jerked up a bit, and I looked at her. She forced a small smile. I just continued frowning, and quickly turned my head back to the road. She tried to pull my hand free from the wheel gently, but I just clenched the wheel tighter. I loved her with all of my heart, but at that time, I just couldn’t deal with it. I wanted to hold her, and have her tell me she’s sorry, that she loves me, and that it will all be alright...but I knew it was over.

“I’m not going to apologize.”, she mumbled, breaking the silence. I thought wisely about what my response would be, watching the road, and listening to the whir of the tires against the asphalt, and looking out at the moon, thinking about all the nights I had spent sitting outside on the hood of my truck, thinking about how much I loved this girl.

“Fine,” I said, my voice piercing the silence. It was the first time I had said anything since we left. My voice was harsh and hoarse from how I had sat on the beach crying, and, there was an unusual bitterness in my voice. For the first time in my life, truly the first time, I was genuinely mad at her...and my voice expressed it. I had never, ever spoken to her with such bitterness and contempt...speaking like that to her hurt me more than it hurt her, I think, and had I known how little time I had left with Sally, I might have spoken to her differently...or I might have kept my mouth shut entirely.

I looked over at her, staring into her eyes. I could tell she heard in my voice that I was bitter and angry at her, as tears were welling up in her eyes. She realized at that moment that it was truly over. She knew she had broken my heart. “Don’t apologize!”, I continued, “Just explain to me why you said no!” She rolled her now tear-filled eyes. We’d had this conversation at least twice in the hotel room as we packed up and left.  “...We...don’t go together...” she said, slowly, looking on at me, tears beginning to stream down her face.  I slammed my hand on the steering wheel, the loud smack echoing through the otherwise silent cab of my truck, still keeping my eyes on her. “That’s not an answer!” I yelled, angrily. “Yes, it is! And...and it’s the only one!” she screamed back, choked up. And then, I began to cry. I don’t think she had ever screamed at me...perhaps jokingly, but never had she been genuinely angry at me, and never I, at her...But I knew she felt remorse for making me feel so terrible. I knew she wasn’t heartless; I didn’t think she was an accursed witch...but I wondered why it had to go on for this long. Was she just toying with me? Was this all some sick charade? She always seemed to good to be true...maybe she was. But...even if any of that were true, there was something beautiful between us...all of this begs the question: Why? Why would she keep on this charade if she knew it was falling apart? Why would she let this continue?

Then why have you stayed with me for so long, huh? Why didn’t you break up with me when you realized we didn’t ‘fit together’ anymore?” She sunk into her seat, weeping. I stared at her, paying no attention to the road. I stared at her as her tear-drenched face glistened in the moonlight, waiting for an answer, while I, myself, sat there, still quietly weeping.

“Milo, I-”

And that was it. That was the last thing I heard. I turned my head back to the road. We had veered off the road, and were heading straight for a tree. I slammed on the brakes, but it was to late. I frantically tried to unbuckle my seat-belt and protect Sally, but it was far to late...We crashed into the tree, the impact causing the windshield to shatter, causing shards of glass to fly everywhere as I fell forward, helpless, the top of the steering wheel coming into contact with my neck, a sickening crack echoing throughout the cab as my spine was snapped like a twig. I looked at Sally, her beautiful face scratched and bleeding, and me, trying to say “I’m sorry” and “I love you”...but I couldn’t. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. She just stared on in shock, weeping -- lamenting.

The End

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