They come alive at night.

While Flora, Teresa and Yost were happily working away, they did not know of the energies that manifested in their particular shop. The spot that Teresa had chosen to set up her bakery, was in a modest part of town, but Flora had rented it for much lesser than market price because there were rumours about this place. About how a magician lived here before and how the magic still lingers. Being a realist who only believed in magic of the culinary kind, Teresa paid no attention to that, and pat herself on the back for having made an advantageous deal. 

After the bakery was locked every night, the energies would bring to life everything in the bakery. The little crabs filled with frosting. The marine plant shaped cookies and cup-cakes, and even the Shark cake. 

Was that good or bad? Were the energies only playing a nocturnal game or would things soon go out of control during the day too? 

Only time can tell. 

The End

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