The Elevator Breaks Down

Henry waited for the elevator to arrive at the roof. His heart raced sweat leaked through his pores. he didnt want to die but this was something he had to do. "Jack you will no longer be in control"

Jack was silent. Henry smirked to himself.

"What?" Jack growled.

"This is one of the first times i'v shut you up!"  Henry said trying to be cheerful.

Jack mumbled a few choice words about henry but henry tried to ignore him. The elevator continued to ascend.At the rate Henry's heart was going hate he might of just died right there and then in the elevator. The lights began to flicker and the elevator's speed slowed to a hualt.

"crap" Henry muttered.

Henry could felt the smirk in his face as jack took control again. Henry's hope was crushed in a n instance. "what's happening" He asked his voice no louder then a whisper

"Looks like the elevator is down" Jack said sounding pleased.

Henry collapsed to the hard carpeted floor of the elevator. "This cant be happening"  Henry shouted trying to hold back a sob.

      Dont cry henry your a man! men never cry they get drunk!

Henry remembered his father once telling him.  

But henry didn't have any alcohol with him. So he started to cry. Tears rolled down his face and sobs escaped his throat.

Jack snarled. Henry! Get a hold of yourself! You're a man act like it! he practicly screamed. This sillenced henry. Slowly Henry wiped the tears from his eyes nd just sat there facing the wall. Not moving. For the Next three hours Henry turned to stone.

Deep in his thought henry heard voices and an earsplitting creak. A lstream of light shot into his face and blinded him for a few'seconds the voices continued but he couldn't respond.

"Sir are you okay" Henry came back to the world and stared at a man in a navy blue uniform. It was a police officer.

The End

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