Shared till death

The train rumbled over the small bridge that Henry Smith was under................

"why did you kill Ted, Jack?" I asked Trying not to shed a tear.

"Henry, relax he was getting in our way of succes"

"he was my best mate!" I complained a stray tear escaping down my face.

Jack didn't answer. he probably didn't care.

Am i insane? Jack shares my body. He is a lost soul looking for a place to stay.......i must be insane. i hope not.

I sighed and sat down on the muddy ground.  Another train wemt over the bridge causing stray stone to fall and hit me on the head.

"Henry i need you feeling 100% we have to lay low, maybe at a hotel?"

I starred at the ground then slowly stood up. "okay, how about the Sheridan, it's not too far from were we are"

"oooo sounds fancy" Jack said making a smile play across my face.

"it is" i said quietly beginning to follow the bridge towards Toronto.

"Score!" Jack said happily

i don't think i'll ever have my body all to myself again. it'll probably stay split until i die. I don't like Jack, i wish he would leavE!

"I heard that!" Jack said angrily.

A cool breeze blew through the air. The clouds were begining to gather in a dark sheet. A storm was coming.

"We better  hurry up" Jack said eyeing the clouds

"i like the rain," i said quietly

We continued on until finally we were in the city. Rain began to pour down lightly so i quickened my pace.


"welcome to the Sheridan hotel!" A ver beatiful young lady with a brilliant smile said as i approched the check in desk. 

"um hi." i said shyly. she really was beautiful.

"do you have a reservation?"

"uhhhhh no."

"i'm sorry sir but we're all booked up. you need a reservation" The woman said apoligeticly.

"oh, okay" i said feeling a little embarrassed.

Slowly i turned."bribe her" Jack hissed.

I turned back to the young lady, She stared at me curiously. Her name tag said Stacy.  I cleared my throat and pulled out a large sum of cash from my coat pocket "Stacy is it?" She nodded

"would this change your mind?" i could feel Jack taking over me at this point but i fought him baack. I handed Stacy the money.

She took it and casually put it in her pocket."Oh! would you look at that a room just became available!" I nodded smiling. Stacy typed a few things on her computer then handed me a keycard."room 3160. have a nice day sir."

I gratfuly took the keycard  an turned to the elevator.

The End

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