Chapter Thirty-FiveMature

"Karliah! Ria! Oasis!" His voice flew through the halls as he screamed out their names. "Someone!" There was fear and panic in his voice followed by a bone-crunching sound and another scream.

His voice cut through the silent air. "Karliah! Oasis! Anyone!" It was like everyone had just abandoned the labs and was leaving him there, screaming out their names. Tears began to stream down his face as he fought against the pain. Someone would have to hear him soon but he couldn't shout forever. It was a battle against time now.

There was nothing left for him to do. He would just have to face the suffering until someone came in and found him. Looking back up his arm, he looked past his hand that was slowly numbing from the discomfort he was in to the face that lay beyond it.

Scrambling to his feet, he slammed his free hand on the table to help with his balance as his trapped hand lay in an awkward position. Gasping and trying to hold back the painful tears in his eyes, he leaned over his arm and entwined his fingers within the wires of the robot's head in an attempt to unlink the one that controlled the hand that would let go of his.

Though it seemed that no matter which combination of wires he disconnected and reconnected, none of them seemed to control the robot's hand.

"Oh, come on you piece of shit!" He whispered to it, knowing that it wouldn't help but it made him feel better. The robot's hand clung on tighter as he moved one wire and he was crippled back to the floor in agony.

He couldn't bear it for much longer. Either he would manage to free his aching hand in time or there would be no bones left. Why had he made them so strong? Part of him was screaming at him that it was his fault that it happened to him, if he hadn't had done that then this wouldn't of happened but he tried with his dying might to block it all out.

His main focus now was to stop the robot from destroying what ever bones were left in his hand. Knowing that he had wired it in the first place, how hard could it be to figure out which ones connected to the hand?

Right. He said to himself. I'll call for help once more then try to do it myself. And he did. His voice was harsh and raspy and couldn't get the ends of names out. Slowly, the pain was engulfing him and even standing was starting to weaken him. If he couldn't call for help, how would he ever get out of the robot's grasp? The only thing he had to do was free himself and fight through the agony to reach his goal.

No luck... still. Without thinking, he looked up at the clock that sat lazily on the wall, ticking, counting the time he had been here. It was twenty-seven minutes past four in the afternoon. Not helpful at all to him. Oasis didn't make his rounds to check on the FOEs progress until half five or maybe six.

He knew, deep down no matter how much he denied it, that he wouldn't be able to last an hour in this condition and still be able to walk away with two functioning hands at the end of it. Even now, he knew he would be crippled for a few days, that was fact, but what else could he do? Oasis wouldn't care less and he would make him work as soon as he was discharged from the hospital. Oasis wouldn't care about his health in the slightest, as long as he was working he didn't care.

He let out a deep sigh. "Come on Lucas. Much good you're going to do sitting here on the floor. Be productive." Lucas had always spoke to himself during his work, it allowed him to focus on one thought at a time and prioritise his tasks. Before he began to mess around with the wires again, he used the remainders of his lingering strength to call to his colleagues again.

"Karliah. Please, hear me now if ever! Ria?" Still no reply. That was it. He would have to do it himself.

Lucas tried every combination that came into his head to try and release his hand but nothing seemed to be working. His energy was draining from him extremely quickly and it would be soon enough that he could no longer stand up and fiddle with all the wires. Eventually, he just decided to pull out all of the wires that he could wrap his fingers around and tug on them with the last of his strength.

How many could there be? He said to himself over and over.

Finally, there was a large tug and he dropped to the floor. His hand was released and he held it to his chest not caring about the tears streaming down his face. Not caring who saw him crying. He had never known pain like what he had just been through. Thank God. He whispered to himself, nursing his injured hand.

Then another thought it him.... how would he be able to explain what happened to the hospital staff? He'd have to make up a little white lie even though it would kill him to do so. Using his injured hand as a support, he heaved himself off the floor and punched the robot in the side, cursing at it as he did.

"Fucking thing." He said to it with anger flowing through his lips. Stumbling, he almost fell into the door as he pulled it open and fell into the hall beyond. As he looked up and down the deserted halls, the walls seem to blend into the flooring and the length of them seem to double in size. Lucas leaned sidewards onto the door frame which he knew was there but fell sidewards and ended up hitting his side against it instead. He didn't know what was going on. The only thing that had been damaged was his hand so why was he feeling like this. Why was his head spinning?

He knew then that he had to find someone. Karliah was his best choice but she was probably with Oasis and only God knew where he was. His last chance was his worst chance... Ria. After how he and Karliah had spoken to her last time, the two had barely looked each other in the eye so it was unlikely that she would help him in a time of need like this. He staggered forwards, clutching onto the door frame for a secure support.

With his bad hand slung across the front of his chest and his other hand wrapped around the door, he took a step in the general direction of both Oasis' office and his own room, still unclear of exactly where he was heading and praying that someone would find him and escort him to Karliah who would be able to assist with healing his damaged hand.

Slowly, he took another brave step as his fingers began to uncurl from around the door frame. His vision began to get fuzzy. It was only around the outskirts of his eyesight and he could still see the majority of the space in front of him, though he did tumble into a tower of boxes that were filled with scrap parts that didn't fit with the plans that was meant to be taken out earlier that day.

"Someone has to be here." He whispered to himself as he flung himself around the corner and never felt so grateful to feel the cold metal door against his face. Struggling to fight against the pain that had begun to creep up his neck, he craned his head upwards and tried to read the name printed on the the door if there was one. Though there was no name, Lucas had never felt so grateful to see the letters that spelt 'Office' through his fading vision. He manoeuvred his hands across the cold door until he could feel the shape of the door handle in his palm.

For once in his life, he actually wished that Oasis was seated in the large leather chair behind the desk. Mustering up all of the last strains of strength within him, Lucas slammed the door handle down and fell into the room and landed in a heap on the floor.

"Lucas? What's wrong?" The voice that greeted him was not Oasis but someone he was glad to have found; Karliah.

He stuttered his words as he forced to get them out. "A... FOE.... crushed my h-hand. Please, Karliah... help me." Without another word, Karliah scooped the whimpering Lucas into a bundle in her arms, carrying him like a baby through the halls he had just stumbled through.

Suddenly, a huge flurry of voices began to question both him and Karliah. He wanted to block them all out but couldn't change the position he was lying in without causing pain to his hand.

However, the first and only voice he managed to pick out was Oasis'. "Karliah, tell me what happened to him!"

"I don't know sir. I was cleaning your office as usual and he stumbled in, clutching his hand in pain. I haven't been able to get a word out of him except when he told me a FOE did this." Karliah replied, calmly. She didn't know any other way to react in a situation like this except to do what she had to do and only talk when questioned.

Lucas heard a door opening and felt a light thud against the ride side of his body though it was mainly his arm and shoulder that was knocked. He was still holding his injured hand to his chest.

Karliah looked down to him with a brightening, comforting and sympathetic smile. It felt weird for Lucas as he was being carried by an eighteen-year old girl who showed no signs of needing to rest her arms.

He felt a cold hand on his wrist as they moved his hand slightly, causing him to wince in pain. "How long will it take to heal?" Oasis asked Karliah, examining Lucas' hand while his voice was filled with strange hint of concern that Lucas hadn't heard once in the four years he had worked for Oasis.

After a short while, Karliah stopped moving and lowered Lucas onto a bed and he knew where he had been taken without a doubt in his mind. Instantly, the little voice in the back of his head told him that a hospital ward would be home for the upcoming days as his hand began to heal.

Lucas had never been fond of hospitals or being taken care of; even from a young age. However, he knew that he was in no position to be complaining so attempted to soothe some of the pain in his hand by taking deep breaths and just letting Karliah do what she had to do.

He would always be grateful to her after the trouble she went too just to help him and for bravely speaking for him to Oasis they way she did. Deep in the back of his mind, Lucas had an inkling that her actions would go one of two ways with Oasis, and he was swaying more to the one which he didn't want to think of.

Lucas tried to speak to her. "Karliah.... how bad..." He couldn't get his words out without stumbling over them. "How bad is it?" She didn't answer him and it was purely because she has focused her mind on linking Lucas up to the various machines he would require in order to monitor him.

"Here." She said eventually, holding out a splint for his hand and she carefully placed it over his hand, making sure that there was not too much pressure on his injury. With a smile, she tightened it along his wrist. For Lucas however, the world around him was blurring even more than before and he knew his body was slowly going into shock and slowly let it take over him, there was no point fighting it.

After all, his body knew what was best for it considering what just happened.

The End

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