Chapter Thirty-FourMature

I was awake and as soon as I opened my eyes, I was blinded by the glaring light of the hospital ward. I flopped my hand off my chest which I could feel moving up and down steadily and it searched for Hayden's hand which wasn't there.

"Hay- ?" I mumbled, trying to turn onto my side to check he was still in the chair next to me. The nurse forced me back like I was being punished and forced me to lie flat on my back and look at the dismal ceiling.

Her voice stayed in a single tone as she spoke. "He's still there. Fell asleep with you in his chair." I couldn't help but muster a small smile. The blinding light had started to fade from overpowering my vision and slowly I was becoming able to see more of the surroundings.

The nurse walked around the edge of my bed and went to wake him up, whispering to him that I was awake. Although, she said that I was Hayden's sister again, he opened his sleepy eyes with a rub of his hand on his uncovered eye.

He turned to face me with a smile on his face and his eye red with lack of sleep. "How you feeling?" He asked me and I nodded in reply. Turning away slightly, he raised his eye-patch and rubbed that eye before putting it back over and turning back to face me fully.

"You've never told me why you wear that." I told him and watched as that smile vanished. Maybe I shouldn't of asked. I thought to myself.

Instantly, I knew I had begun to put him under pressure by the stutter then he began to speak with. "H-hide s-something I guess." I didn't know what we wanted to hide over his left eye but it would be his choice if he wanted to tell or show me what lay beyond it and I would leave him to it.

I was about to reply and say that I was sorry but just as I opened my mouth to speak, someone else spoke in my place.

"Nieve Stone?" I looked round to face who had spoken. It was a tall doctor with fair brown hair. "I'm Doctor Kervorkian." I gulped. The last Doctor Kervorkian I knew of the was infamous Jack Kervorkian - otherwise known as Doctor Death.

I was scared to reply so Hayden and I just sat where we was, gazing up at him and waiting for him to speak again.

With a smile he announced. "With you being well on the mend now, Miss, you shall be able to leave tonight." I looked to Hayden with a smile as the doctor simply turned and left without another word.

"Well, that's great news, Nieve." He said with a sudden redness in his cheeks. "How did you sleep?"

I looked at him with a groan. "Not great. I had a dream, no a nightmare." I looked down at my hands and he rested his hand on top of mine. I continued with a small smile. "At first there was just a few voices - one was my father. And then I saw the body of the girl on the floor..."

"There is no chance." I was confused at first until he said it again.

"No chance of what?" He didn't tell me, just shook his head like he was trying to shake the image he had in his mind away. Trying to toss it aside so he could believe that it didn't exist and never did. I couldn't help him if I didn't know the problem. I asked him again and again but he stayed quiet through it all.

When he did speak, he only repeated the words "It's not possible that..." before going silent after each time. I couldn't make out what he was talking about but it was troubling him a lot. I moved my hand to place it on top of his but as I did, he pulled his own from beneath me and moved it to support his forehead.

Eventually, he turned to me with red, teared eyes and the sound of fear in his voice.

"When I was asleep, I saw the body of the girl too. All curled up on the floor, beaten black and blue. Made me feel sick."

I squeezed his hand. "Me too, Hayden." I paused before I asked him... "Did you recognise who it was?"

He didn't speak his reply at first but just nodded slowly, tightening his grip on my hand. Eventually, he spoke and his voice was rough. "You." I watched as a tear from my face fell and landed on his knuckle, dispersing across his warm hand and down his index finger.

"Who gave us the same vision?" He asked me. Although I knew, I didn't want to tell him.

"I have no idea, Hayden. But whoever it was intended to give us a message." Something was going and we just had to piece it all together somehow. Hayden and I had both seen the vision of the girl lying on the floor, yet he had not heard the voices like I had.

Something was entwined into the speech and what I had seen. I just had to work it out. Was it something to do with the cause behind my fathers death - the real reason the President had assigned me to be his assassin? Was it to do with me and the challenges I would have to face? Whatever it was, it was important and the quicker I worked it out and pieced everything I had been through together, the more beneficial it would be to me, Hayden and Red.

The biggest question was now : How much time did I need and how would that affect the long run?

The End

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