Chapter Thirty-ThreeMature

"Miss?" The voice was blurred and afraid and seemed to be moving closer to me. As the question kept getting repeated, each time faster and more frantic, the white light I could see grew in size.

Soon after the chorus of questioning voices, the empty space was quickly filled with a 'white noise'. A quiet but constant buzzing began to ring through my head.

It wouldn't go away. I couldn't stop it.

There was a voice. Distant and faint. But it was there, speaking to me through the blinding light that had overpowered my vision. It wasn't Hayden but it was male... and I could slightly recognise it which meant it wasn't one of the doctors working around me. I needed it to get louder and clearer, I was using my mind to will it onwards and just hope that I would would be able to pinpoint the speaker's name.

It did. The voice came louder not by much but it did.

There was speech, it was distant but I could make it out. "What did I do?" Whoever it was was in trouble or had been before. There was a laugh that preceded it... a low, scary and sinister laugh.

"Betrayal is something not to overlook, Mr Stone..." I gasped. My father. Who was he talking to? Who was tormenting him?

I didn't recognise the second voice. It was too young to belong to the old, gruff President that was sat in his chair watching everyone's simple movements in his office. The possibilities were decreasing but so was my patience to find out who owned the voice.

The only name that came to mind soon after was the similar five letter name I had already grown to fear though I had no idea of his power and what he could do to people.


What connection did he have with my father though?

My mind made a connection to the conversation I had heard before about some kind of robot attack. The link it had to betrayal was still unclear but I knew for certain that I could hear Oasis' voice talking to my father.

Soon he replied. "Oasis, sir, I didn't betray you. I worked to the guidelines given in my contract!"

"Your contract was there to make sure the work was done to a high standard. You have disgraced me!" Oasis spat.

"What more could I have done?" my father questioned in reply. "I had no prior experience with human sized robots before. When I said I was a mechanic, I really meant a mechanical engineer."

From the reply that came, I had come to decide that I was not fond of Oasis. "So your a liar too then!"

I couldn't take much more of this. They had to stop! I tried to raise my hand to my ear to block out the noise but it seemed to be restricted. But how? My hands had not been bound to the bed in the hospital so how come I had been trapped like this now. Nothing was making sense. I was lost. I was confused.

But most of, I was scared.

Not only for my sake but for my fathers too.

Suddenly, my perspective changed and I could finally see more than then swirling mix of black and grey nothingness that I had been staring at for however long I had been in this mad world inside my own head.

There was a shape in the distance. I couldn't quite make out what it was but it stood out against the surrounding colours; it looked sort of yellowish. I began to move towards it. I felt like a ghost. Wait! Does that mean. . .? No, that's stupid. None of the injuries I had sustained would have caused death and the hospitals were always given the best equipment and medication to treat the patients.

As it began to get closer to me, the yellow hue had slowly start to fade into a light peach colour... the colour of flesh. After a while, it wasn't long before it began to unblur itself and form into an object.

When I worked out what it was I let out a slight scream of horror.

A girl.

It was the body of a girl lying in a bundle, her messy blonde hair covering her eyes. Her body didn't show postive signs of her being in good health. She was pratically covered in cuts and bruises and her hair had dried blood and dirt clumped into it too.

I knelt down to her. "Excuse me? Are you alright?" I moved her hair from across her face to try and see if I can gain contact. However, my eyes were drawn to the bandage on her cheek and the blood that was still soaking through it. That wasn't the only cut on her face though many of them were only minor. She shifted slightly and I shot my view to her eyes as they began to open to reveal the green that lay beneath the damaged skin.

Oasis' voice then rushed back into the surrounding area. "Don't you know, Stone, that your actions will have a serious effect on the people close to you?"

"What do you mean? If this is one of your little tricks again, you can stop it right now!" my father retorted in horror.

"Just you wait, Stone." Oasis paused and I just imagined whoever he was standing there with a smirk on his face. "I've done this more than twice before and all have had the same outcome."

Terror flooded through my father's voice and it was eminent in his speech. "What outcome? Explain yourself to me!"

"Just wait." The voices faded again. I looked back down at the girl and realised almost instantly at who it was. I couldn't bring myself to believe it. No! I'm here. I'm right here. I know I am. Hayden is sitting in a chair right next to me.

I'm not dead.

Tears began to form in my eyes but I held back from crying. I was not going to weaken myself and succumb to his stupid tricks. I had no idea if this was even him or just a crazy dream.

I took the girl's hand in my own and tried to open it. Resting in her palm was a grey eye-patch.

A lump formed in my throat. "Me. Hayden." I gripped onto the patch and pulled it up to my chest. "What have we done?" I asked it. "WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?"

The End

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