Chapter Thirty-TwoMature

"Not another disturbance please Ria." Oasis had been too distracted from his work by her recently that he just wanted to lock the office door and be left in peace to do his work.

Ria just smiled and produced another letter, folded differently and on different paper to the previous one she had handed to him. "I don't think this classes as a disturbance, sir." She said with a smile, passing the letter to Oasis and placing it in his open palm before he snatched it off her.

With a loud grunt of dismay, he drew the letter closer to him but didn't open it. A part of him was worried about it's contents. However, it it had anything to do with his FOEs, he had to know.

Slowly, he opened it and mumbled it to himself:

"Dear Mr Blake.

I'm not sure if you remember me but I remember you. Almost everything about you from your green eyes to the day you dyed your hair blue. You never did tell me why.

I was looking through some old boxes the other day since I'm finally moving into my own place in a small little city called Fyre City. If you know how to get there, I will love for you to come visit me when I'm settled in.

Anyway, I best get the real reason why I'm sending you this letter, Lucas. I found the picture of us that one year we had that really heavy snow - you know, the time we was off school for a fortnight! Yeah, that one.

I was looking at it, at all of us happy together and realised I haven't heard anything from you or Aiden since he walked out - nor Ria either for that matter.

On a separate piece of paper is my new address. Please, feel free to get back to me. I want to talk to you more then just by a letter.

Hope we can see each other again soon.

Your Dearly Beloved Sister
Farrah. "

"Do you know this girl, sir?" asked Ria who had read the letter over Oasis' shoulder. Her voice questioned Oasis' as it trailed as he read out the last bit of the letter.

"Yes. I do in fact. Knew her very well." He wasn't going to lie to her. He had no reason to. He looked up to her as the confused tone of her voice transcended into her facial expression as she lifted the corner of the paper and took a better look at the curl of the "F." This was a genuine letter that Lucas had been sent by his sister. She knew. She never curled her F's and nor did Oasis or even Lucas.

Without reason, Ria blurted out : "Who is she? Does she pose a threat?"

Oasis looked at her in horror. "How can you accuse her? She sent an innocent letter to her brother and you think she will have the slightest effect on our work!" Ria took the envelop from the desk and checked for the other piece of paper that was mentioned in the message.

"Lucas already has it." She said, throwing the paper onto the desk and turning onto her heels and starting to head towards the door.

Oasis stopped her as she placed her hand on the handle. "Why bother him, Ria? He's busy wiring another Foe at the moment. Plus, he has no reason to be disturbed. The letter means nothing to it." With that, he clicked his fingers and Ria opened the door to Karliah who marched into the room and stood to attention in front of Oasis. He handed the letter and told her to deliver it to Lucas' room. She nodded once and left through the same door.

Ria stood still holding the door open. "You can leave to." Oasis said as he looked back down to the pile of papers he had on his desk top. She turned to protest but changed her mind rather quickly after studying that the look on Oasis' face meant that he was too caught up in his work to be even the slightest part worried about any letters addressed to Lucas.

With a sigh, she left the office, dragging her hand around the door frame until she left it drop by her side. When he was sure that Ria was out of his sight, he sat back from his desk and moved the chair a fair distance from the desk before placing his hands on his hand in a mix show of emotions: anxiety, stress and confusion mixed in amongst it all.

Oasis knew that his dealine was only five days away and that was why he was not letting Ria cause any more interferences with his FOE workforce - mainly Lucas. Deep down, he knew that he wanted answers but this mission was more important at this time.

Suddenly, he jolted upright in the chair and shot his hand to the top drawer of his desk before turning the key that sat tightly in it. He twisted it numerous ways before turning it far enough to the right for it to open.

He scurried through the papers at a rapid pace, discarding many onto the table top and slowly decreasing the amount of papers that had begun to clutter the drawer. He began to wonder what many of them were about so picked up the next one he got his hands on and unfolded. The paper contained a image in the center of a human figure with many notes and arrows around the outside pointing and describing many different sections of the figure.

Leaning back in his chair, He examined the image and attempted to read the notes he had written. The paper had been in that drawer so long that the colour had faded so it was a dirty brown colour instead of white,turning the ink lighter then usual and making it harder to read. Many of the edges had frayed or ripped and the bottom corner had the edge of a cup stained onto it. Scanning the paper, a smile formed from his pale lips as he remembered exactly why these notes had been made.

With a whisper he said: "Karliah's plans." Oasis continued to stare in awe at the very first plans he had devised these original plans for the very first FOE which he had worked on even before Ria had joined their small workforce.

His smile vanished almost instantly as the sound of footprints began to get louder and he quickly refolded the letter and placed it in the open drawer just as Karliah walked back into the office.

"Did you do as instructed?" Oasis asked and Karliah answered with a simple nod. She knew that Oasis knew about her ability to speak but she didn't feel comfortable with doing it to him like she was with Lucas.

With a quick smile, she turned to leave the room but Oasis called her back. She hesitated but eventually walked to face him across the desk. "I found something I think you deserve to see." She looked confused - one of the few feelings she could portray but looked intently as Oasis retrieved the paper from the desk and unfolded it again, keeping the main image out of her sight for the most of it.

Finally, he offered the paper to Karliah who slowly raised her cold hand to take it from him. As she turned the paper over to view the image enscripted onto it, the look of confusion lingered on her face. There were many things that the image could mean and the words couldn't be read by the system that ran through her body, lying coldly on the bone next to it.

"Karliah." Oasis began, his voice tender and comforting. "Want to know how drew those plans and who made you who you are?" A small smile grew on Karliah's face. A smile that expressed anticipation - she didn't verbally say her thoughts to Oasis but he knew she wanted to know as much as he wished - and longed - to tell her.

Karliah looked up to him. "I did." The smile dropped as did her hand in horror. The plans floated to the ground as did the sound within the area around them. The tense silence that had been formed by the one sound that Oasis had yet to hear.


Without, meeting his gaze, she spoke to him. Not using the power within her mind to create an image of her phrase but with actual speech. Something she had only done to Lucas. Oasis jumped to conclusions and expected her view on her true self to be positive.

Oasis couldn't of been more wrong!

With a single breath, she said quietly. "You made me... this monster?" She looked to Oasis, sorrow filling her brown eyes. As a tear fell from her face, this feeling of sorrow swelled up inside her and she did not know how to control it. She had been planned. She had been made. She had been created.

With every creation there is a purpose.

And with every purpose comes a challenge.

Had Karliah been told the truth or was Oasis lying to hide the truth? She didn't speak another word. She couldn't bring herself to even look at the man who had made her cold-hearted, mechanical, a monster. She turned briskly and headed out of the room.

If Karliah could have one wish - if she could wish for anything in the world, she would ask to know how he had done it. She was still human in her apperence and in her mind. She could speak, walk, interact like everyone else could. Except her skin was a covering, a cloak, to the true self that she had not known about until then. She had been told to believe everyone was like her.

But now, she had just realised: she was the one who had been different all along.

The End

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