Chapter Thirty-OneMature

It wasn't your fault. We know that and I know that you would be blaming yourself for what happened to your father. I'm telling you now to stop blaming yourself and just look ahead. Think about it, if your father's life hadn't ended there, he only would of continued with his rebellion and got himself killed in front of the entire city.

Sweetheart, as my mother used to say : "after a dip there is always a hill." You can push through his death and forgive the girl that did it. I don't know what was going through her mind but you need to forgive, forget and move on. You were raised with a good heart and I know that your father's death was not linked to you in any possible way.

Speaking about her, let her know that even though I am disgraced with her actions and know she could of been more civil about the situation, I do not blame her for his death, I merely detest her for not helping you assist you or him. And as for the boy and robot, I would recommend you keep them close to you, darling. He may be quiet but he's a lot like you. Do what you got to do with little trouble possible.

Before I go, just remember this one thing from me, darling, none of us will blame you for your father's fate and in a sense, he had it coming to him either way. Kyra has been bugging to see you again so if you ever get the chance, note that you will never be a stranger to any of us and our door is always open to you and your friends. Your father will be watching over you in where ever your life will take you. Life is an adventure now, darling and just know that I will always be here for you.

Stay strong... For all of us.
Your loving mother
x x x"

Hayden read the letter aloud to me as I lay motionless on the bed of Fyre City's small hospital after Hayden and Red had carried me here after I had passed out whist cowering from the other boy in the rain.

The first few moments after I had awoken had been scary, tormenting actually. One moment, I was lying hushed in a minefield of nettles and the next I wake up in a cosy hospital bed with my friend's smiling face to greet me and constantly ask how I am.

It's not long before he asks me again.

Lazily, I reply. "I'm fine. Stop panicking or you'll be in here with injuries of your own." He sat back in his chair before we burst out into laughter. I looked around expecting to see a flurry of nurses rush to my side since I was awake but the hospital was dead. The ward was empty except for me, Hayden and a trainee doctor who was frantically flicking through pages of a brown paper file.

I tried to move my arm and reach out for the letter that was lying loosely in Hayden's hand but I felt something tugging gently on it, holding it back from moving further then a few inches from the side of me. I looked down and gagged at the sight of the drip wire pierced into my skin. Blood, I could deal with just about.

But needles... think again!

I turned my head away and felt my face turn a deep shade of scarlet as, yet again, Hayden checked that I was alright. I wanted to shout at him to stop asking all the time but I held in it and replied by nodding my head slowly.

I looked towards the door and back to Hayden, keeping the needle in my skin out of my eye-line. "Where's Red?" I asked, concerned as to why she wasn't by my bedside like Hayden was.

He seemed reluctant to answer. "She's somewhere" was the best answer I could get out of him. Crap. Had something happened to her as well? I wasn't sure but I wasn't going to find out much more from Hayden.

There wasn't enough time either as a red-haired nurse came to my bedside and started checking the monitors on all the screens surrounding me. There noises had been faint to me before but know that I was watching her, the beeping being emitted from them became loud and irritating. She mumbles various things to herself before making a note on her clipboard and moving on to the next one. It hadn't crossed my mind before now but I had a large amount of monitors surrounding me.

* * * * *

Seeing her lying there was heartbreaking. Knowing that I couldn't do anything to help was even harder. Just looking at all the wires attached to her and all the machines just scared me for her sake.

I couldn't bear to see her like that, almost motionless, a thousand thoughts and fears racing for her mind as they became present in the depths of her green eyes. She looked over to me as I edged closer to her bed and I saw the smile that I though was lost within her.

A smile I never thought I would see again.

Reading her the letter from her mother brought a tear to my own eyes as I imagined my mother smiling at me in the back of my mind, Nathan near by, smile spread from ear to ear across his face and his dark blue eyes enlightened with delight. He looked so much like my mother. Nieve's eyes were examining the machines and wire plunged into her, the puzzled look obvious on her face. Even though she is awake now, she's not the Nieve I knew and trust.

Will I ever see that side of my best friend again?

The look of confused, worry and fear in her eyes is evident and I just want to remove the wires and let her walk out of here. I know she is in the best place possible, but her family should be at her bedside not me.. not ta.lking through letters but person to person like how she should be doing with her family.

"Your sister is doing fine." The nurse assured me with a smile. Sister... What? We look nothing a like. I didn't have time to correct her as she hurried out of the room and went to another patient.

Nieve's smile sent a warmth of happiness through me and I knew she was getting better - and the best place possible. There was one thing I had noticed though. . .

They had not removed the collar from her neck.

She turned to look at me and we both started to laugh about our so-called siblingship that had been created. Nieve was back. Her cheeks are rosy and her face was no longer pale and although she still looked extremely ill and in pain, I could tell that she wouldn't be healing for too long and she'd be out her soon.

* * * * *

These wires had begin to hurt my arms and the medication they had flowing into me was making me feel sick both physically and mentally. Hospitals had never really phased me considering that I was a very sickly child and spent a large amount of time in this very hospital. I decided that that was why; I knew that hospitals made me better.

The beeping machine was giving me a headache so I turned my back to Hayden and closed my eyes to block out the sound. Slowly, it faded and faded until I could hear it no longer.

Fading...fading so slowly into another distant and soon forgotten memory.

The End

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