Chapter Twenty-NineMature

Ria was still standing in the hallway, repeating Karliah's message to herself over and over again. She had not moved an inch from when she was mocking Lucas but it felt like the world was moving around her. The message was imprinted everywhere she looked: on the floor, painted to the celing, even engraved into her palm.

"Lucas was right. You are a bitch!" She couldn't stop muttering it to her. It was driving her insane."Lucas was right." Wait. That had to mean that Karliah must know about what she had done, about Lucas' bruised cheek and, most importantly, who had caused it to happen to him. Ria lurched forward, falling into the door and scrambling to get a grip on the handle, the words screaming inside her.

Once in the room, she slammed the door shut and sank to the floor, her breathing was rapid. She sat in silence and let it take over her, control her, calm her. As her pulse rate began to return to normal, she glanced around her room and stopped on a single sticky-note on the wall. Plain and simple, in big red letters, she had written :

Revenge is sweet. Payback is gold dust.

There was only one thing she could do now and that was to show Karliah and Lucas who was in charge around here without getting Oasis involved until it was at a tipping point. She launched her self at the desk and grabbed a piece of paper and a quill from the desk and started to write. . .

Dear Mr Blake and Miss Lewis...

* * * * *

"Leave me alone Karliah." Lucas mumbled through the door to Karliah who was knocking furiously outside, getting louder and louder each time. "JUST KNOCK IT OFF." He barked and a look of sorrow began to crawl onto Karliah's pale face. She couldn't respond as he couldn't see the message through the door that separated the two from each other.

She raised her hand slowly to knock again but quickly changed her mind. Her cofused mind was rapidly changing her eyes from brown to grey and back again as she struggled to decide if she was going to just walk into the room and tell Lucas what she wanted or if she was simply going to walk away, let him breath and tell him later. She rested her hand on the door and watched as her chest moved up and down ever so slowly; something about that movement didn't seem natural to her although the was doing to subconsciously.

On the other side of the door, Lucas had draped his hair over his eyes and lay face up on his bed staring blankley at the celing, trying to sort out his head. Right between wrong. Good between bad.

Had he really treated Ria with respect?


Why hadn't he?

She deserved it.

He sighed deeply and turned his head to the mirror which lay next to him and he tucked away his hair so he could clearly see his bruised cheek. Slowly and gently, he traced it's contours with his index finger being extra cautious on the darker purple areas. Tears began to form in his sore eyes as he threw the mirror aside, not wanting to look at marks from his past any longer.

To change his thoughts, he changed the mirror with a small picture frame and placed it in the same position of his eye sight. His eye was instantly drawn to the blue haired teenager looking down at him, a large smile spread across the image's face; his eyes locked in the image of childhood innocence, feeling that had long since escaped Lucas' memory.

Young Lucas' eyes painted images of the past that was not so long ago although he could not remember a thing.

Yet, this picture. It reminded him of a time before when his brother Aiden walked out on everything when he was just sixteen and Lucas was 13. It had been 9 years since they had spoke. His eyes trailed across the picture until he saw his brother smiling, dark black hair dancing in the wind.

He looked at his brother, smiling like he remembered. He was guessing that they had been having some kind of snowball fight due to the flakes of snow resting on their heads and shoulders. Next to him, there was a patch of black hair being covered by pink fluffy ear muffs and a face bright pink with enjoyment.

"Farrah." Lucas whispered to the picture as a small stream of light caught the edge of the glass frame and gave Farrah's eye the smallest twinkle of light - a twinkle of hope for the youngest Blake sibling. "Poor Farrah." Lucas said to the image. "Also overshadowed by my brains and Aiden's good looks and charms." That brought a smile to his face as he remembered the time when his sister joined the same school as them and she got annoyed when everyone referred to her as either Lucas' or Aiden's sister.

There was another figure in the photograph, standing smiling between Lucas and Aiden. Curly black hair that he would recognise a mile away. His smile vanished almost instantly as he stared at the photo of Ria; Aiden's arm around her and a smile spread across her face and rosy red cheeks like Farrah. Looking at the amount of snow on her head, Lucas remembered that he and Aiden had actually picked her up and dropped her into the cold and pure white snow, laughing like maniacs before she had chased them through the field, wielding dual-snowballs in each hand.

He scanned the photograph again, each time focussing his attention on a different person. He wondered if Ria would remember it but Lucas guessed that they wouldn't be talking for a while - well, he hasn't going to talk to her. Out of everyone though, he missed Farrah the most. Hair as black as a midnight sky with blue highlights that she begged their mother to put in for her. She had dreamed to be a singer, but after everything happened, Lucas lost contact with everyone.

He would never know what became of his sister, his parents... Aiden. Everyone he cared for, everyone who looked after him, everyone he protected and loved... gone.

And maybe the hardest thing for Lucas was not knowing when he had forgotten.

The End

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