Chapter Twenty-SevenMature

"How could she? I trusted her!" Lucas was still sitting with his back against Ria's door, his eyes red and sore. He shouted through the door. "I TRUSTED YOU, RIA!" He couldn't stop the tears as they formed streams on his pale cheeks.

Ria, however, was still sitting at the desk looking down at the numerous folded pieces of paper that lay in front of her. She picked up one from the back and opened it and started to read. Her eyes lit up and a small smirk spread across her face. It wasn't a smirk of the letter's contents. She was smiling about how her actions had affected Lucas and how the one she had in her hand would hurt him even more.

Back outside in the hallway, Lucas has resorted to rhymetically hitting his head against the door to try and gain a sense of what was going on and why.

"Lucas? Are you ok?" Lucas looked round to see Karliah who was leaning against the wall, her brown eyes swimming with concern.

"I'm fine." Lucas replied to the puzzled look that was painted on her face. Slowly that look echoed onto Lucas. She went to reply with words again but changed her mind in an instant. Instead, she guestered for Lucas to look into the center of her eyes which had changed from their usual light brown colour to a misty grey. Although he was confused, Lucas didn't mutter a single sound.

The light grey swirled around in her slowly unfocussing eyes and formed letters. The letters became words. After a short while, they had moulded into a phrase.

You're not fine. I can tell. What has Ria done? You can tell me Lucas, we are more alike then anyone. I know your pain.

Lucas stammered away from her as her eyes faded back to their chocolatey-brown colour. "I don't understand." He murmered as Karliah replied by simply placing a finger on her lips and hushing him into silence. Another message began to shape in Karliah's eyes.

Fear me not, Lucas. For I am not all I seem. My apperence is a casing for what really makes me who I am.

He was confused, she was loosing him. Taking Lucas deeper into the maze of his mind where his only chance of figuring it out was to find the centre of it all. Karliah was trying hard to help lead him there without giving it away.

Suddenly, there was the sound of an unlocking door as Lucas jolted to stand up against the opposite wall and Karliah ducked her head as the words faded and her eyes altered again. Just as they returned to normal, a black curl bounced happily around the door, followed shortly by the smiling face of Ria.

She sniggered. "How's ya face Lucas?" Ria let out a laugh and came out of her room clutching her cheek as though she was in pain - mocking Lucas after he had been struck by Oasis. She walked up to Lucas and pulled the scarf from around his face, alerting Karliah to why Ria was acting the way she was. Slowly, she dragged the tip of her index round the edge of his swollen cheek leaving a white trail running around the outside.

"Poor, poor Lucas." She sang joyfully, pleased that Oasis had caused so much pain to him. "Always thinking you were perfect. Oasis' little toy - that's all you are and all you will ever be." She laughed as Karliah began to clench her fists. What was up with Ria?

Ria kept running her finger around and across Lucas' cheek and he was getting worked up and his faced showed it which only inclined Ria's desire to continue. Karliah wanted her to leave him alone but had no way to express it. She didn't feel comfortable communicating with Ria like she did with Lucas.

Luckily, before it escalated any further, something snapped inside Lucas and he let all of his bottled up anger out.

"Get off me Ria!" He screamed, almost brought to tears. "Just get off me. Leave me alone. You did this. I don't know why you would but I don't want to know." Ria lowered her hand, shocked, but she still stood staring at Lucas seeming to be unphased by his outburst.

Lucas grabbed her hand and slammed it up against the wall. "What I do know is that you are a sick, twisted little bitch! You think you have everyone wrapped around you little finger. You don't." He sighed deeply and threw her hand down with a large tug. "You will never break me Ria. No matter how hard you try." Without another word, Lucas turned on his heels and stormed down the hall. Faintly in the distance, the slamming of a door could be heard.

"Who pulled on his tether?" Ria joked after, looking over at Karliah who stood looking down to the ground, wanting to say something to her but resisting with every urge. Karliah's face had gone bright red and Ria lifted it up using her hand so that they made eye contact.

She shot daggers into Karliah's browny-grey as she forced a awkward smile. "What's up with you, mute?" That was the last straw for Karliah too. She pushed Ria away as her eyes changed back into the silver 'message' colour.

Lucas was right. You are a bitch.

With that, Karliah also left in the same direction Lucas had, leaving the image burnt into Ria's memory.

The End

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