Chapter Twenty-FiveMature

Red looked back to Hayden has they walked sadly back to the Town Hall after another day coming no closer to finding Nieve then before. Both of them knew that she had to be somewhere in the City still but didn't know where else to search for her.

They both felt disheartened, disatifised that they had no idea about where their Shield-Sister was... especially Hayden. He felt so bad that he wasn't paying any attention at all to Sparky who was rudely head-butting him as they walked into the Town Hall and back to the bunkhouse. Neither of the two had spoke since they had checked the final shop on the street closest to Nieve's home.

As Hayden walked back to his bunk, Red called to him. "Don't worry. We'll find her." She smiled weakly as Hayden shot a faked smile back.

He sat on his bed and held Sparky in his hands. "We won't find her mate. If we had any chance, we would at least have some sort of clue. But we don't." He sighed deeply. "We're following a dead trail. Do we know she's still in Fyre City?" Sparky buzzed softly and his colour dimmed, as he rested himself in Hayden's palms. He had betrayed the only Shield-Sibling he thought of as an actual sibling after promising to protect her.

Red came over and placed a cold, pale hand on his shoulder. "I said we'll find her. Trust me Hayden, we will. I know we will." Hayden wasn't so sure but smiled sympathetically at Red as she turned back and started to walk towards the door.

To clear his head and try to get an idea of anywhere that they had yet to search, Hayden eventually followed Red out of the bunk room and went into the small garden at the back, Sparky buzzing in his wake.

Once he was outside, he walked over to the chain-link fence that blocked off the perimeter and shock it wildly with rage. He let his head drop and hit the fence, causing it to rattle again. Slowly, he looked up and beyond the towering nettles into the distance where he could faintly see the outline of a building. Sparky buzzed to alert Hayden of Red's arrival and he beckoned her over to the fence before pointing the building out to her.

"Could be a possibly" Red said as she squinted to try and get a better and clearer view. "It's pretty derelict, many of the windows are broken or boarded." They had a plan, they just needed to find a way through the fence.

Hayden began to whack parts of the fence, trying to find a loose link where they could crawl through. "Perfect place to hide something. Especially if they took her there at night." Hayden concluded, shaking a few links loose and creating a small gap. He whistled for Sparky who flew over happily and went through the hole he had created with ease. With a little more tugging, Hayden had created a hole that was big enough for him and Red to fit through with little effort.

Before they set off through the nettles, he placed the wire back where it was so no-one could tell that a hole had been created before the three of them slowly trekked through the forest of wild-flowers, weeds and nettles with the same goal and dreams in mind.

Nieve - she's there. We're almost there. We've found her finally.

* * * * * *

I could tell that it was turning into late evening because the room around me was becoming darker then usual. I hadn't heard anybody today. In fact, I hadn't heard anything. Had they just left me to die?

"Hayden..." I mumbled quietly to the roof, conserving all the energy I had left. "Red..." I knew they would try to find me, they wouldn't leave me. I started to cough but the mild dyhydration I was suffering made it painful and inbearable. I knew exactly what the dyhaydration would cause over time: light-headedness, headaches and after too long my pulse would be weak and I will become confused.

How would I know if any of these had began to take effect in my body because I had no recollection of how long I had been in here now? Normally, I would try to shout for help, anybody would, but I felt so weak that even breathing regulary was hurting me. There was a thousand and one questions racing in my mind: how? Who?

But the main one that kept popping up was: why? Why had I been made to suffer? Was the AFB just a way to get back at my protesting father? Surely not, they would of wanted him alive so he would suffer by seeing me in pain. Had I done something?

My hand reached up to around my neck and I slowly edged my finger towards my collar that seemed to be getting tighter the longer I stayed here. As my finger came into contact with the smooth edge of one of the studs, a jolt of electrcity pulsed through my finger and I retracted it immeadiatly. That was how they got me here without me knowing or being able to remember. I had been unconisous. And who knew how long it could of been before I had come round. Probarly long enough to seriously injure me like they had done.

The last of the dying daylight was peering in through the window and I shuffled towards it slightly, looking out at my surroundings.

"I'm not even in Fyre City anymore." I sighed to myself weakly.

* * * * * *

As Hayden and Red got closer and closer to the building, the weeds became more wild and overgrown. It looked like nobody had been anywhere near it for years.

Red caught herself on one of the nettles and Hayden checked that she was OK, and with a quick nod back, they carried on around the perimeter, looking for any possible way in. Two sides of the building had been scanned but still they saw no way of getting in and they began to think that they had blocked the door to stop people getting in.

Hayden decided to call for Nieve through a slightly broken window. No response. He tried again. Still, there was nothing except for the wind. "Dead as a door nail in there." He confirmed to Red.

"Our lucks turned though Hayden." She was pointing towards a small indent in the middle of the back wall of the builidng, and immeadiatly thought that it was a door way. Although they had to crouch to aviod any chance of being seen by the larger windows at the front, the door was no problem for them to open and they slid in silently, feeling like screte agents on a mission that would detirmine the fate of the entire planet.

Once inside, they moved cautiously and peered through each of the inner doorways and arches, looking for any sign that someone had been, or was, inside.

Three long and drawn-out corridors and there was nothing linking the building to any sort of captivity quaters. It looked like it had been untouched for years.

Red scoffed. "This was a waste of time." She said to Hayden, who shot her a discomforting look.

"You won't be saying that if she's actually in here, will you." He replied as he turned to look for Sparky who was trailing just slightly behind them. "Sparky, can you light the way down here for us please. The lack of windows is starting to take effect." With a cheerful buzz, the PetPin glided in front of it's mater and let off a dim glow, giving Hayden and Red a bit more light they needed to see into the darkened and desertred rooms.

The End

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