Chapter Twenty-FourMature

Oasis was sitting at his desk when a bubbly Ria strolled in humming happily to herself, gaining a scornful scowl from her boss. She took a piece of paper from her pocket and flashed it in his eyes before strolling to the other side of the table. She placed it down slowly and pushed it closer to him.

He snatched it up quickly and read it to himself. "Who's it from? Lucas or Karliah?" Ria didn't answer but made a twirling notion with her finger, suggesting that he turned it over to see the back.

The small lettering lay the name Lucas.

Oasis stormed up to Ria. "Why?" She simply shruged his shoulders. He picked the paper back up and tucked it into his back pocket as he marched through the white halls of his lab until he reached a plain metal door with Lucas' name printed onto it.

As he slammed it open, Lucas turned to face him.

"Lucas?" Oasis questioned. "Is this true?" Lucas' eyes were filled with sorrow as he looked from Oasis to the door to his hands numerous times. His look then turned into confusion.

He questioned Oasis. "Is what real?" Was he playing with him to gain sympathy? Oasis took the paper from his pocket and handed to him, shoving it under his nose in disgust.

"Wait." He stumbled after skimming through the letter. "This isn't my hand-writing!" Oasis' expression turned to confusion also, as he turned to Ria who had followed him and was standing on the other side of the hallway, curling her hair with her fingers.

She giggled to them both. "Of course it's not." She walked next to Oasis with a cheerful look on her face. "It isn't from Lucas, it's TO Lucas. It's a letter about the Foes that Lucas hasn't told you about." Oasis stomped up to Lucas who stood trembling with fear next to his bed.

With a single swipe of his hand, Oasis smacked Lucas so hard that he tumbled helplessly onto his grey bed sheets. His cheek began to tingle and he scrambled to grab the mirror off the bedside table only to see that Oasis had left a huge red mark on his face.

Lucas' hand trembled as he brought it up to his throbbing face wincing in pain as Oasis made the action that looked like he was about to hit him again. Under his fingers, he could feel the skin swell slightly as he raised his other hand to block him from Oasis, whose face had gone red with rage.

"ANYTHING CONCERNING THE FOES COMES STRAIGHT TO ME!" Oasis barked at Lucas who was sitting as close to the wall as he could, hiding away from Oasis, filled with pure fear of the one person he felt close to. Oasis began to lower his hand and Lucas did too, eventually and moved it to his cheek which was still stinging painfully.

Oasis looked at the cowering Lucas and back to Ria who was resting casually against the door frame watching as Oasis bullied the very person he treated as a brother. He turned back to Lucas. "Remember that for the future." Lucas nodded excessively. "Well, get to work!" He demanded before he left the room followed briskly by Ria who received a look as sharp as ten thousand daggers from Lucas - if looks could kill.

Slowly, still wincing in pain and covering his cheek with both his hands, Lucas rose from his bed and left the mirror lying on the pillow. He grabbed a scarf from the bed post and wrapped it around his face so that his mark could not been seen by others whilst he was working.

He sulked through the narrow halls of Oasis' labs, keeping a watchful eye out for Ria or Oasis. Once he finally reached the enclosed room where he kept his Foes, he made sure that all the doors were locked and that he was alone before he removed the scarf, tied it around the neck of one of the Foes and started to cry. Lazily, he picked up the remote next to him and pointed it at the Foe with the scarf and it walked up to him and placed a cold, metallic hand on his shoulder.

"Why would Oasis do this?" He asked it, knowing that a response was not possible. "Why would Ria do this." He wiped his eyes with his sleeve. "How did Ria know about the letter in the first place?" He dropped the remote, grabbed the scarf and quickly unlocked one of the doors.

He stormed through the halls, wrapping the scarf around his neck as he headed for Oasis' office. When he reached it and realised it was empty, he turned on his heels and headed up the nearby stairs until he reached Ria's room and he began to pound loudly on the door.

"RIA! OPEN THE DOOR!" He screamed through the door, not being able to hold back the tears. "You caused this to happen to me Ria!" He shouted through to her. "Why? That's all I want to know from you. Why did you and how did you know?" Lucas' knocking finally ended and he turned and sunk down to the floor resting his hands on his head, crying uncontrollably.

On the other side of the door, Ria smiled slyly and folded another piece of paper into half before singing Lucas' name on the back again.

The End

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