Chapter Twenty-TwoMature

I had to get out... there had to be a way. Still sitting on the chair in the centre, I twisted my body left and right to get a view of what was behind me. There was no chance of me seeing anything with the lack of lighting that reached the edges of the room.

Carefully, I pulled my self to kneel on the chair and stretched my hand out in an attempt to reach the light but I couldn't quite reach. Damn. I thought to my self. The disadvantages of being short. I joked to myself as a way to try and lighten the situation. There was a large and unsightly gash across my right wrist and crimson blood had stained on the surrounding skin. I placed the bandage I was going to use for my cheek over it and wrapped it around my wrist until I could tuck the end of it under the rest of it and not have to worry about it falling off.

It eased the pain for a while, but it wasn't long before the bandage had changed from a light grey to a dark crimson. Looking at my arm reminded me of my father. My father! I had completely forgotten about my family. Had my mother and Kyra returned home to find my father lying dead in the kitchen surrounded by a pool of his own blood?

Who would they blame for his death; me or Red?

Looking back up at the swinging light and attempted to reach it again but my efforts came to no avail. I would have to stand on the chair and use the light as a torch if I was going to get anywhere with my escape.

The chair woobled as I released my hands from the back and sat on my feet. This wasn't safe but I had to. Ever so slowly, I began to straighten my legs and reach my arm upwards. Almost...almost there. Manouvering over to the right a little, the chair shook underneath my again and I launched myself to grab onto the top of the chair to stop myself from falling.

I still couldn't quite reach. The high roof made it so my fingertips could just about reach the corner of the lampshade and knock it gently so it swung slightly. Knocking it a few times, I quickly looked around the areas of the room that were briefly enlightened.

The chair wobbled underneath me as I stretched further and further to grab hold of the lamp. I was on my tip-toes, balanced on the edge of the chair aiming for the light that I knew was just out of reach to me.

It slipped from beneath me.

I felt my head hit the stone floor underneath and the warm blood begin to heat the side of my head. My eyes were switching from blackness to reality and back again. Drifting in and out of consciousness aware that no-body would attempt to help me; Hayden and Red were nowhere near either.

"Sir." I heard a faint voice call through the door. "Oasis is ready for the attack." I knew that voice but it couldn't be. There was no possible way. He was dead. Red had killed him. But how could I hear his voice. I was awake, I knew that, I could feel my chest moving with my every short, shallow breath and I could see my bandaged hand in front of me.

I glanced up painfully until I could see the figures of two people through the small translucent window in the metal door. One was slighter taller then the other. They were in a deep and muffled conversation. I wanted to hear more. Slowly, I put both of my hands in front of me and used them to drag myself along the floor, trying to ignore the shooting pains as they went through me like bullets.

"How many?" One of them asked. Both of the people were male.

"A fleet of ten at the strongest, Sir." The other replied. There was no mistake. I knew that voice.

It was my father. The voice was low and gruff and you could easily tell that the speaker was a smoker; just like my father. But there is no possible way. I heard my father's dying words, I sat with him as he took his last breath.

I listened eagerly as the first voice spoke again. "Only ten?" He asked, seeming rather confused about the number. "He said he would have double that number!"

My 'father' replied suddenly. "Yes. But he's been having trouble with a few bits of wiring since his main animator fell ill." Ill... Or injuried. That's what came into my mind. I didn't know exactly what they had created by I knew that animator's often worked with robots.

Then it clicked. They were making robots! That's why my father is working with them. He's a mechanic and knows a lot about engines. But how could my father be on the other side of this door if was dead? I was intrigued as to who he was talking about as well. The other name then became clear in my mind: Oasis.

That meant my father had been working with the 'enemy' for all this time and that's what Red knew when she confronted him.

My hand slipped underneath me and I fell to the floor again with a loud groan. I could see the metal door... it was within my reach but too far where I was currently. I had to keep going. If my father was on the other side of the door, I have to tell him how sorry I was for everything that had happened.

The End

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