Chapter Twenty-OneMature

Hayden stood in the hallway just off the living room of Nieve's house, not daring to enter the kitchen since he could hear her sobs through the wall. A tear filled his eye too just at the thought. Red had killed him...what would happen to Nieve? He had never failed any of his tasks so didn't know what would happen but he didn't want to think about it.

"Found anything?" Red asked, coming up behind him and placing an icy cold hand on his shoulder. He replied by nodding his head slowly and handing her the pieces of paper in his hand to her over his shoulder.

He heard Nieve whisper to her father. "Daddy..." the quiet voice said through the tears. Sparky flew out of his hand and into the living room where they had been earlier. Instead of floating in the air like he usually did when he was bored, he began to repeatedly fly into the front door with soft thuds.

"Sparky?" Questioned Hayden; he had never seen Sparky act like this. He didn't know what to do. He called Red who strode over to the PetPin. Following Sparky's actions, Red opened the door and the robot shot out into the open like a bullet and it wasn't long until Red was chasing after it.

Hayden hung back. He wanted to see the reason for Sparky's behaviour but he didn't want to leave Nieve alone. He took a few more steps until he could see Nieve lying on the motionless body of her father out of the corner of his eye. He turned and knelt down to her, holding her head in his hands. "Something's up with Sparky and even though Red's gone after him, I'm going to go too." Although Nieve nodded in acceptance, her eyes told a different message; one of desperation and wanting him there as a comfort.

He pulled her into a tight hug before smiling weakly and running out after Sparky.

The PetPin was flying through the sticky air of Fyre City, getting rather different looks off the residents. Hayden and Red chased the little black robot through the town streets they had just walked through with Nieve. Before too long, Sparky stopped in front of a stone archway covered in ivy and small blue flowers.

Sparky's wings began to flap together and an unbelieving rate, so quick that a small humming sound was emitted from it. Hayden looked at Red who was staring in awe at the PetPin.

"Hayden?" Red's voice wasn't questioning. It was panicking. She had been in the AFB longer then he had so knew a bit more about the PetPins and what their purpose was to the Brotherhood. Hayden looked at her worriedly. "This can't possibly be. There is no way."

Hayden was getting more confused. "There's no way, what? Red, what's going on." She didn't reply. Instead she grabbed Hayden's arm and pulled him through the arch and in front of Sparky whose emerald gem had turned to red.

Red meant danger.

Many people had crowed around Sparky and were watching Red and Hayden run down the cobbled street to the main gates at the bottom that led them out into the wider world beyond Fyre City.

Red turned to one of guards on duty. "Whatever you do, do not let any, and I mean ANY in or out of the gates." The guard nodded though he was as lost as Hayden was with how Red was acting. She stood there for a while, blankly staring at the tall gate. With a deep sigh, Red one of small, silver-handled pistols from it's holder and checked the clip. Hayden copied by checking that his dagger was safely in it's scabbard.

He made Red look at him. "What's going on?" She didn't reply.

"I don't know myself Hayden." Red replied after a while. "It's unlikely that anything will come from Sparky's warning but we cannot be sure." She turned to Hayden with a weak smile painted onto her face. "But if it's true. We best be prepared to fight."

Hayden's mind slowly entwined everything that had just happened: Nieve's father, Sparky's message. Were they linked? Was someone watching them? Was it Richard Stone that was going to cause the demise of Fyre City?

"We have to find Nieve." Hayden's outburst shocked Red slightly. "I think her father is linked with Sparky's warning."

He tried to pull Red back up the hill towards the Town Hall but she refused. "She could be anywhere Hayden. Remember; she technically failed her task." A hint of sorrow formed in Hayden's eyes, making Red change her tone on the situation. "But if you want to find her...I guess we could use the help. We're gonna need it."

The End

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