Chapter NineteenMature

Everything had turned white, blurred, distorted, unfocused.... strange. I could hardly make out where I was, but there was something... something was clasping onto my neck... pulling, tightening, not letting go. My breath was short.

"" I just about managed to whisper the word through the pain. "Hay...Hay....Hayden." Every breath, every moment, every second was filled with a sharper and more intense pain.

There was a mumbling. It was hushed, hurried but not inaudible. Hayden. I was sure it was. And... Red... In the background, behind him. They were still here. They were still with me. Was I? Was I still with my father though? Had I been left with him? Was he still here with me?

I pulled my hand out from underneath my head and moved it to where my father had been only a few moments ago. The space beneath my weak and pale fingers was empty. What had happened? Where is he? Where am I? What is going on here?

What was happening to me?

The End

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