Chapter EighteenMature

"Nieve?!" The voice that greeted me was happy and also confused about me being here. It wasn't my fathers.

The only person it could be after that... "Kyra?" I called back through the depths of the house. Soon after, Kyra came running into the living room, her blonde curls bouncing off her shoulders and a gleam in her eyes. Before I could do anything, she had wrapped her arms around my stomach and was squeezing me tightly.

"I've missed you." She whispered. "Mother hasn't been the same since you left." I smiled down at her before kissing her on the top of her head and running my hand through her soft hair.

"Where's..." I couldn't finish my sentence the way I wanted to. "Where's Mother?" Kyra released me from the hug and ran into the kitchen before shouting my arrival to everyone in there. There were many confused mumbles coming from behind the wall.

I looked back at Hayden and Red who were looking around the small living room. Kyra came back in, followed by my mother, and eventually, my father. My target. My mother came over to us and greeted my Shield-Siblings with friendly handshakes and me with a motherly hug. My father stood in the kitchen doorway and Kyra had taken a seat on the small two-seater sofa in the corner of the room.

Hayden broke the silence that had formed by introducing himself, Red and, eventually, Sparky which was much to Kyra's delight whose eight-year-old mind was telling her to chase the little robot around the living room, squealing in delight. Sometimes, my baby sister Vicci was more mature then her.

The appearance of Sparky led to more conversation. "What is that?" My mother asked, tying a bow on the back of her apron to keep it in place.

"Sparky is what is known as a PetPin." Hayden replied sweetly, watching as Sparky landed on his hand; the green gem glowing bright with delight and enjoyment. Red stood back, a sour look on her face as she continued to survey the perimeter of my small family room. Before I knew it and could stop her, she had charged straight at my father, knocking Kyra to the side.

"Where is he?" She demanded. "Where's Oasis?" My father looked as confused as me and Hayden did. He stood there, pushed against the kitchen door while Red held him at knife point, in his own home, in front of his eight-year-old daughter.

I was glad that Vicci wasn't here.

Hayden strode over to her and began to pull the knife away even though she tried to resist. "Leave it, Red. Be calm, controlled..." He paused for a moment. "Civilized." She worked against Hayden's restraint and loosened his hand from around the handle of the small silver dagger before she lunged forward and it wasn't until the point of the blade had penetrated his shirt that she realised what had happened.

There was a yelp of pain from my father as a small droplet of crimson blood began to stain my father's shirt. Red slowly let go of the blade and stared in awe as it sat resting in my father's upper shoulder.

"Leave. We wouldn't want you see this." I said to my mother who ushered Kyra out of the front door; leaving my father alone with Red in the kitchen. She geustered towards me and I took her place while they started to search the house for any relating information.

A hint of sorrow was present in my father's eyes as I rested my hand on the handle of the katana. I couldn't let anything come between us. I had to. I knew I had to and even though he meant so much to me, I knew that I could have to end his life in the house he had brought me up in for the sixteen years I had been living here.

I had too; end of discussion.

My hand tightened around around the handle while the other rested on my upper tight, near to one of the other daggers that was strapped into it. Red's dagger was still nestled in his shoulder and his shirt was becoming blood-stained and fast. He was too weak to be able to lift his hand to cover the wound and stop the blood from flowing out of him like a river. I instantly moved my hands away from my weapons and ran to his aid, cupping my hands around the wound and dagger; taking it out would cause more harm then good.

"Please, Father." I sobbed. "Please. What have I done?" Both of us were crying.

"It's not your fault darling. Don't blame yourself for this." He soothed, patting my knee with his hand gently.

"I.... I" Spluttering, I managed to finish the sentence. "I have to kill you father. I've been instructed to." We looked into each other's eyes and I saw our family past swimming in the ocean of green. My father waving me off as I travelled to go to my first day of school, Kyra crawling along the veranda and my mom with a small but noticeable "baby bump."

We began to sing the song that I had been taught when I was younger. "Golden slumbers kiss your eye. Hush, little baby, don't you cry, guardian angels will watch over you, sweet baby."

It wasn't too long before my father said his final words. "Don't forget about me Nieve. I... Love... You."

"Father..." I whispered finally, sinking into my father's chest. I lay with him in his dying moments, his breaths shallow, raspy and short. The blood was warm and had started to twist it's way through my knuckles and down my hand.

Neither of us could stop the tears flowing from our eyes, hardly being able to catch our breaths as I could hear my Shield-Siblings looking through all of our stuff. A strong feeling inside me just wanted to scream; at them, at everybody... at myself.

My father's breath got shorter with every tick of the clock on the wall behind us.

I looked into his eyes just as their flicker of life was fading from the slowly. "Daddy..."

The End

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