Chapter SeventeenMature

Lucas and Oasis had left the working Foe lying on the table before they had returned to work on the female which Oasis was working on previously when Ria returned followed by Karliah. Oasis left him to work on the Foe's arm alone and took the two girls into the other room to show off the Foe, sliding the remote control off the table as he walked.

Normally, Lucas would have followed them but he was too engrossed in the mechanics of his robot, the whirring filling his head with all sorts of memories, may of which he had forgotten about. He stood up from where he was working and wiped the sweat of the top of his head using the back of his hand, strands of his hair sticking to his forehead. He looked down at the robot's head, the female's hair shaping her dark face and he couldn't help but smile.

"What am I doing here?" He asked her, fully well knowing that there was no chance of a reply. Out of the corner of his eye, he felt a tear form and fall down his face and he shut his eyes tight as the salty taste filled his mouth. His mind shot back to many months ago when he last remembered crying... He couldn't forget it really.

"He needs you, Lucas." The Foe replied, her jaw moving robotically with every sylabble. "I need you." Lucas looked down at the Foe who lay motionless on the table as if nothing had happened; her face was expressionless and a wire hung from her jaw.

She was unable to speak but she did. Lucas heard her.

Another tear fell from his hazy green eyes. He was there. Standing graveside in a church yard shadowed by tall willows and broad-leaved dogwood trees and the heavy downpour of the pouring rain soaking him through. Lucas looked down at the grave he was standing next to, a fresh bunch of wildflowers resting gently on the mound of disturbed earth. Crouching down next to it, he moved the dust that had settled on the marble headstone. Ebentually, he revealed the dim shine of gold lettering that had been engraved on the stone. The first thing he uncovered was a small golden dove with his wings in flight and his beak slighty open.

He heard a noise from behind him and turned to face the lone, black crow that was sitting on the high-wire fence. It wasn't the bird's call that attracted him... It was the whispering. Though he could see no-one else within his eye sight, the whispers were slowly increasing in their volume, until he could take it no... Wait... What were they saying. It was becoming clear to him.

"You." They were saying. "You." getting louder and louder. "You. You. YOU." His lower lip had began to tremble with fear but he couldn't draw himself away from the grave. He wiped his hand over the next bit a two names became clear. Brandon and Samatha.

He reconsied them even though he didn't know anyone with those names. He looked at the last name and his heart stopped in his throat. Fischer. He knew it. He knew the name.

Ria. Ria Fischer. Lucas had not been told much about her parents except that they were killed 8 years ago when Ria was nine. Why was he here though? Had he done it? No...That was impossible. If Lucas didn't know Ria then, how could he kill her parents?

Oasis popped into his head. This was Oasis. He had killed them and blamed him...Nothing was making sense. He began to mark of names in his mind: Himself, Ria, Oasis.

One name was left; Karliah. A girl he barely knew. The last plausible option. Yes! That was it...Karliah. She was Oasis' cousin and saw Ria as a threat so attempted to kill her.

This was it.

However, Karliah could not have known who had ordered which drink so took a chance with two of the glasses but neither were correct so she ended up killing Ria's parents instead of her desired target. It all made sense in his mind. Her reason, her intension. But why? What did Karliah have against a nine-year-old Ria? She had no connection with the Brotherhood until 6 months or so ago.

Why was Lucas here at their grave though if he had nothing to do with there death. He was two years older then Ria and didn't have the want to kill and hurt people like Oasis did.

He looked back at the grave... It had gone and his Foe lay in it's place. He had been there a moment ago; the feeling of death and abandonment surrounding him. What had happened? What was going on?

Lucas jumped when Oasis placed a warm hand on his back. "Take the rest of the day off, buddy. You don't look so well."

The End

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