Chapter SixteenMature

Back in the familiar streets of Fyre City, I led my Shield-Siblings through the narrow streets, the cobbles underfoot making me feel more at home then the stone floors of the City Hall. I glanced over at Red and Hayden's faces because they had proberly never seen Fyre City as much as I had. I, however, was admiring the products that had been placed beyond the murky and dark glass panes.

Even though I knew exactly where I was going, I took the longer route to our destination; not just for me but for Red and Hayden as well. I led them through the crowded streets, my sword bouncing gently off my back and the eyes of residents following us like hawks as we walked.

"You live here?" Asked Hayden, holding Sparky in his hands so he couldn't loose him in the bustling crowd. I just nodded in reply. "This area is nothing compared to where I used to live." I looked around and smiled weakily. I had completly forgotten about the fact that Hayden had moved to Fyre City to join the Brotherhood; Red... I was not so sure about.

I tossed their old lives and opinions of my home aside; there was more of that to come I was sure...espically from Red. A lump formed in my throat as we walked down the all too familar and narrow streets that lead staright from the town shops do the dirt roads compacted with week's old amounts of dirty water and rain. I knew exactly where this street led, and when we got to the end, there would be more then water in the soil.

There would be blood.

... My father's blood.

This was the area I had grown up in. Until now it had seemed cosy and safe. But now it was cramped and shadows lurked everywhere. This was no longer the safe haven I had grown up in with my family. I was the one to break the safety my parents had created. I was the one who would run fear across my friends and family. The shadows formed images in my mind; daggers, blood... bodies.

Was this all I was? An assassin? A murderer? Suddenly, everything I was carried seemed to gain weight and my feet slugged slowly through the mud and the world around moved into slow motion. My eyes went black but I knew I was still walking; I could hear only my footsteps.

There was a voice whispering my name... slowly, steadily, sinisterly. The voice was unkonown to me and it got louder with every calling.

I could hear myself whispering in response. "It's not real. None of this is. I'm just as crazy as everyone else in this war-forsaken place."

The name that the other voice was whispering changed into the hissing of "Oasis." I stopped dead. Oasis. My father. This is what he could do? I shook my head from side to side as though I could shake the person from my mind.

With a little chuckle, the voice responded. "In a world of madness, aren't we all sane?" No... No! This isn't real. It's not happening!

The only person it could be is Oasis. He is using my father against me.

The voice stopped as I began to charge down the street, my eyes focused on the little 2-floored house at the end of the road. Hayden and Red sped up to keep with me. There was no use acting like I wasn't going to do it so there was no point waiting - just get it over and done with.

I slowed down, however, as I reached the broken steps that led onto the small veranda that wrapped itself around the front, left and back of the house.

One step... two... three... four and I had reached the decking, the hanging bench swaying softly in the gentle breeze of ice cold air. I let out a deep sigh as Hayden and Red stood either side of me, looking at the two doors that stood between us and our missions.

"We go in, do what we got to do and come out. Got it?" Red asked, tightening her ponytail. Hayden nooded in agreement while I stood there staring blankly at the door. Red pushed past me and Hayden followed whilst I stood back and watched them get nearer to the door. As Hayden placed his hand on the screen door, I sucked in my breath and laid my hand on the top of the handle of the katana sword and ran my hand down the embroidering.

"Let's go" I whispered to Red in reply and walked up to behind them. I placed my hand in the small insert on the metal frame and slide the screen door across to the left before placing my hand on the smooth, silver handle and taking in a deep breath, pulled it open as the warmth from the outside collided with the cool air from within the house.

The End

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