Chapter FifteenMature

As we entered the room, there were three separate rooms and each had a piece of paper taped onto the door, our names written in them in bold letters; mine in the middle of the three. The door led into a room similar to changing room that you'd find in clothes shops in the town centre. On the back wall, there was a floor length mirror and on the left hand side there was a metal rod screwed into the wall and on it was three hangers which held an outfit that was neatly hung up.

I removd the top from the first hanger and the black studs around the seams sparkled in the lighting and they stood out against the grey of the collar. My eyes, however, were drawn to the small diamond in the center of the seams, giving the impression that it was holding the two bits of fabric together. Underneath that, the area that covered my chest was made out of a grey, water-effect material that looked like leather. The bottom was sectioned off with the silver material encrusted with the black studs. The middle was a darker silver, including two silver buckles that shone like the moon's reflection on a pond whilst the material on either side was pure black and joined to create the back which was all black except for the small diamonds that traced where my spine would be.

As I pulled it over my head and down my body, the cold material soothed the warmth that was flowing through the rage I had built up against the President. I could hear the clunking of steel and guessed that it was Hayden and Red retrieving their weapons. I ran my fingers along my collar again before drawing around some of the small studs with my finger. I looked over at the hangers; the next one holding up a pair of shorts made from the same water-effect material as what was on my top but instead in black as well as being covered in small black studs. There was a band running around the top which was a light grey and a small dark grey bow was in the center of the band.

The final hanger contained a few extra items of my outfit, icluding a pair of gloves that were silver, had two strips of black studs along the top and bottom and two buckles in the middle. There was, as well, two shoulder straps that were similar to the gloves but had black material in between the studded top and bottom of the design.

Finally, on the floor, sat a pair of black knee-high boots which were laced from the top to the bottom with a thin black ribbon. After pulling them on, and gaining two-inches in height, I turned to the mirror and examined my outfit in all it's glory. The black studs shone like diamonds in a sea of grey and it made my tracker collar look like part of my outfit. Before I left, however, I looked back down at my old clothes which I had piled in the corner of the room. I didn't want to leave them so, scrufily, I stuffed them into my bag before I pulled open the door and walked over to Red and Hayden.

I smiled as I examined their outfits as well. Red's was a crimson catsuit with a mini rara skirt at the bottom and red heels as well. Strapped onto the top of her thighs were two gun scabbards with silver pistol handles in them; she remineded me of the kick-ass type heroine from popular movies people used to watch. Hayden's was a simple black striped shirt and a pair of black trousers and shoes. He had a small dagger connected to his belt and Sparky resting on his shoulder.

Hayden guestered towards the bench behind them. "Your weapon." He said simply and I walked over to it and lifted the bag that was lying there. Upon opening it, I pulled out two small machete knives, a dagger and a small katana sword with a sharp and 23 inch blade; not a weapon to be messed with. I pulled the katana onto my back and placed my hand on it's woven handle, getting used to the feel of it. The two small knives went into the leather holder which was also in the bag while I slipped the dagger into my left boot, feeling like a star of an adventure film.

"Well... This is it, I guess." I sighed, knowing what I had to do now I was equipped. "Best go get it done." Hayden offered his arm to me but I didn't accept it, and putting on a brave face, I walked through the halls of the City Hall with Hayden and Red on either side of me, back out into the streets of Fyre City, knowing that I was the only one who knew of the location we were heading to, knowing my task.

Knowing that giving up was out the equation.

The End

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