Chapter FourteenMature

Hayden, myself and Red were walking through the long, stone corridors after being called for by the President. I didn't find Red last night and there was still a small spark of tension between us, so Hayden walked in the middle.

I attempted to make conversation. "I wonder why we've been called?" I questioned, not making any eye contact with any of my Shield-Siblings. My question was not answered and we fell into an awkward silence which made the walk to the office seem longer then what it had done when I had been called in with Ria. Ria... I wonder where she is now?

Trying to imagine the location of her filled my mind and I drifted into a light daydream and I was still in my own world when I entered the office but the President's voice cut through me and I snapped back to my reality.

"We have the location of someone who is working with Oasis. We have known for a while but after looking at their daily life over the past week, we are ready to give you your first orders." He directed the last bit of that sentence at me as Hayden and Red nodded understandily like they had heard this speech a thousand times before; which they proberly had.

He handed us each a small piece of paper which was folded into. "Each of you have the target's name, age and location printed on the top of this and underneath is your select section of the mission which you have to perform. No job-swapping or you're trackers will inform us and consicenques will be made."

I sucked my breath in and let it out a one big, long and loud sigh. Hayden glanced down at me and smiled weakily. The president nodded and we all opened our papers.

I looked down in horror.

Anti-Foe Brotherhood
Target - Mr. Richard J. Stone
Age - enter age here
Home Address - 164 Fairway Street
Brotherhood member : Nieve Stone
Task : Kill the target and raid their property for any information regarding the location of Oasis.

"No!" I scremed, dropping the paper onto the floor and covering my head with my hands. "He's my father. I can't. Please. No." I was begging with all of them; Hayden, Red and even the President but rules were rules and I couldn't afford to break them.

I had been bound with a task which I had to fulfill. Hayden came over to me and put an arm around my shoulder sympatetically. I had fallen to my knees and was sobbing uncontrollibly. He was my father. I trust him. I love him.

I have to betray him.

"Nieve?" Hayden muttered, a stutter in his voice. "I... I don't know what to say. We can't change anything." He was lost and unable to fully understand how to calm me down. I sat on the floor for many minutes, the room staying silent except for my gasping breaths in between my bawling crys.

Something then clicked and I stood up and strod towards the President. "You!" I shouted at him. "This is your fault. You give the orders. You know what he means to me. I can't do it." I paised, overcome by the power of my own voice. "I won't do it." I concluded, crossing my arms and staring at him.

Red was still stood near to the door frame and didn't attempt to help Hayden calm me down. "Having people you care for is a weakness." She scoffed. "Come on. We don't have all day." She turned to leave and Hayden pulled on my shoulder to lead me through the door but I broke from his grasp and headed back towards the President, feeling calmer then previously.

"I'll do anything... ANYTHING... for you to change it." I pleaded to him, not being able to stop the tears in my eyes. He simply shook his head.

I was powerless.

I had to do it.

I had no choice.

Walking back over to the door, Hayden opened his arms to me and I walked towards them, wiping my tears on the shawl draped over my shoulders. None of us three spoke as Red led us to the room down the corridor, where we would get changed into our uniforms, collect our weapons and prepare to complete our tasks.

The End

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