Chapter ThirteenMature

There was a sound of clunking metal and a whirring of electronics as Oasis some of his workers add a few missing pieces of wiring into the head of a human looking robot. The humanoid robot twitched every now and again as jolts of electricity pulsed through the wires encased with his steel armour and prostate flesh. Ria jumped when he moved his arm but Oasis was too engrossed in his work to notice that his Foe was moving.

"Sir..." A voice called from behind Ria and both she, Oasis and they young female that was also working on the Foe turned to face the location from which the voice had come from.

From behind the curtain walked Lucas, his midnight blue hair held back by a plain, white banner.

He was short of breath as he spoke. "Sir...we've done it. Foe experiment 2-zero-1 is successful and he responds to verbal and infra-red commands." Oasis left his own Foe and joined Lucas at the break in the curtain. Ria followed behind them and stared through the gap in the curtain, acting as though she was holding the curtain to stop it blowing open even though were was no breeze.

The humanoid was sitting on the edge of the table, his head moving, observing his surroundings. It was almost impossible for Ria to tell that the Foe was not in any part human and that all of the movements were anamatronic.... Lucas' anamatronics.

"Stand!" Lucas called and the Foe slowly straightened his legs and moved forward off the edge of the table so he was standing unaided. "Follow me." Lucas ordered and he began to walk around the edge of the table. The humaniod's head jerked around until he saw Lucas and then his body twisted to and he began to follow behind Lucas like an loyal puppy.

Oasis looked impressed that Lucas had managed to create his weapon just after Ria's return and a weak spot had formed in the Brotherhood with the joining of their newest member. A smile but sinister smile spread across his face as he continued to watch Lucas be chased by a heavy-footed humanoid robot who looked exactly like a human but was much harder to kill.

Step one of Oasis' plan was complete. Now, he and Lucas would have to copy the electronic wiring from this Foe into the four others they were testing with before they created them on a larger scale. Having this one Foe however made his next step that little bit easier.

Step two : Infiltrate Fyre City and retrieve their new recruits. Harder then it seems. Fyre City may be one of the poorest cities to be controlled by the Nation but it was still guarded. Who would work in the electric generators if their families weren't safe?

Lucas pressed a button on the remote and the Foe stopped dead at his touch. They were voice and remote controlled. Oasis was impressed and congratulated Lucas with a friendly pat on the back.

"Ria." Oasis called over to her as she flipped her hair behind her ear. "Go and tell Karliah that Foe 201 has been a success." Without hesitation, Ria pushed herself off the table she had been leaning against and glided out the door, Oasis' words fresh in her mind and her head buzzing with excitement.

It didn't take her long to find Karliah, who was in one of Oasis' office-like areas looking at weak points in the Fyre City line of defence. As soon as Ria gave her the message, her hazel eyes were drawn away from the bright computer screen.

"They've actually done it?" She asked and Ria replied with a few nods of her head, hardly able to believe it herself. "Then led me to them Ria." They both walked back through the hollowed halls and returned to Oasis, Lucas and the Foe.

Karliah's eyes gleamed with delight.

The End

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