Chapter TweleveMature

I didn't speak to Red for the remainder of the day; in fact, I hardly spoke to anyone that wasn't myself. Who was he? Why was he here?

Why am I the only one who can see him?

There was no question that is was the same man I saw that night I was strapped to a bed and left with a horrid, dirty brown scar running down my arm. It's his own scar that defines him... the scar across his eye. Although Red's attempts to convince me otherwise turned to be unsuccessful, I couldn't help but regret the way I had spoken to her; after all, she was only trying to help me.

"So this is where your hiding??" I heard someone laugh slowly afterwards. Hayden was leaning against the door frame, Sparky resting peacefully on his shoulder. I turned my back on him and wrapped my arms around my legs and put my head on my knees so that I was facing the wall.

Hayden continued to talk but I didn't turn to face him. "You missed dinner." He joked, in an attempt to allure me from my isolation. "We had roast chicken..." After a while, he knew that he was fighting a battle he had no chance of winning. He continued to walk over to me, his shoes squeaking every now and again on the floor.

He sat on the opposite end of my bed and looked at me, his blue eyes shining like diamonds in the dimming sunlight which was filtering through the small windows around us. The temptation was too strong and I turned to meet his calming gaze, his smile preventing negative thoughts to surface and be spoken.

Despite how much i tried to keep quiet, my apologies flew out. "I can't believe I said that to Red. She was only trying to help." Hayden held out his hand as tears began to reappear in my eyes. I embraced his comfort and wrapped my arms around his back as he did the same. A voice in my head was telling me that Red would never talk to me again after how I had spoken to her.

"I won't allow that." I whispered to myself, quiet enough so Hayden didn't question me.

Hayden and I sat for a few minutes, the silence soothing us and allowing us to reflect our situation. Many moments passed and we slowly unfolded our arms from around each other and sat singlely again.

"You know, you're going to have to talk to Red again. She is your Shield-Sibling after all." Hayden said, twisting his thumb around his forefinger.

"I know that." I laughed back but Hayden was serious. "As if she'd talk to me though after what I said." I knew and Hayden knew that what I had said wasn't serious but my mother had always told me that a bad word about anyone is just as bad as insulting them.

I inhaled deeply and exhaled with a long, quiet and droning sigh. Hayden was right about Red having to talk to me again... but would she? Just because we were Shield-Siblings it didn't mean we have to be best friends; I protect her and she protects me.

It's just bad for Hayden who has got himself tangled in the middle. As mine and Red's Shield-Brother, he has to protect us both but would he take sides and choose between me and Red?

I couldn't wait around much longer. I had to apologise to Red but I had no idea where she would be at this time and talking to her in the dorm wouldn't work because she would have her group of friends with her. I had to find her. Now.

I couldn't hold in my sorrows much longer and I pushed myself off the bed, wobbling slightly as my knees unfolded themselves to support my weight.

I began to walk towards the door when Hayden called to me. "Nieve" He said, his pale cheeks shining a rosy colour.

"Yes?" I questioned as I rested my hand on the wooden door frame.

"I just wanted to let you know that..." He paused, his cheeks going darker and his smile shrinking in size.

I was puzzled but didn't avert my gaze from him, his eyes twinkling with happiness and Sparky playfully flying around his head.

"Your like the family I never had." He whispered finally, his smile returning and I could feel my cheeks burning. I didn't know how to reply; Hayden had never told me anything about him or his past. Feeling both awkward and complimented, I smiled back at him and left the sleeping quarters before I went to find Red to apologize for earlier.

The End

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