Chapter TenMature

Hayden took me through the long, winding halls of the City Hall until we were outside in an arena filled with training dummies and sections for different weapons we could train with. Hayden had told me that all members of the Brotherhood come out here to hone their skills, even in the pouring rain and late at night. We were not the only two out here, in the furthest corner was a young male about the same age as Hayden continually attacking a dummy with a long and pointed katana.

"So, what's your weapon?" I asked. Hayden laughed and plunged his hand into his pocket. I tried to look around him but he kept turning his back onto me. After a minute or two, he pulled out a small, black and square robot-like creature that flew out of the palm of his hand as soon as he had uncupped from around the creature's body.

The small creature buzzed happily and the green gem in the center of it's body glowed with health.

Hayden gesuered towards it. "Sparky here is an Emerald Petpin and he was bound to me a month after I joined the Brotherhood." Sparky emitted a high pitched squek and I giggled as the Petpin circled Hayden's head. "Calm down Sparky!" Hayden laughed and the creature sank onto his shoulder and the gem in the centre of him dimmed slowly; I then realised that the brightness of the gem portrayed the internal feelings of Sparky. Still perched on his shoulder, Sparky sat with Hayden as he continued to explain the rest of the area to me.

"We train you in one primary weapon but you can learn may others to give you the advantage." Hayden explained as Sparky whizzed loudly on his shoulder. He looked over at me and smiled. "For all we know, you could be bonded with a Petpin as well." I smiled with him and we sat down on one of the few benches that were placed in the shade.

Suddenly, a silver Petpin flew into the side of Hayden with a thump! Sparky lost his balance and tumbled off his shoulder and onto the concrete floor. The Petpin seemed to shake itself after moving away from us slightly and the silver metal sparkled in the sunlight. The small gem in the middle shone a brilliant blue.

Hayden gasped. "Is that? ... A diamond Petpin." I looked as Hayden laid out his hand to the Petpin but it backed away slowly. It quickly shot away and back out of sight. Sparky quickly recovered himself and returned to his perch on Hayden's shoulder.

"Come on." I called to him as I made my way around the edge of the training area. "We have to find where it went and who owns it." Hayden didn't reply but he was soon following in my trail and Sparky was in his wake.

The End

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