Chapter EightMature

Ria ran out of the bound city and out into the dusty street that lay just outside the bordered grounds of Fyre city ; a place Nieve had never seen. Free from her tracker, Ria slowed down to a walk and stuck to the edge of the road even though many people would be inside their homes during the heatwave they were having. She pulled her cardigan off her shoulders and used it as a sun block by holding it above her head.

About 2 miles down the long, winding road, she pulled right and left the dusty trail for a desert setting leading towards the burning sun just above the horizon. After a few mintues of her current leg in the journey to return to Oasis, her feet began to drag from exhustion and she realised that her sudden hurry to leave the city had prevented her from collecting her belongings. She wished she had delayed her departure now that she was out here but now was too late for her to return to Fyre City after what she had confessed.

There was a small, dusty and out-of-place stone laying to Ria's right, soaking up the small section of shade from behind a large desert plant that had inhabitated the waste land. Ria was home. She slowly picked the stone up and tossed it in between her fingers before she threw it down at the same place she retrieved it from. The impact with the ground caused a trigger switch to be activated and the scenery seemed to split in two around them, making a ravine appear in the desert.

She stayed in place for a while longer, knowing Oasis' secruity procedure. After standing still for two mintues in the blazing sun, Ria stepped into the abyss caused by the trigger switch and the ground around her closed as if activated by a pressure plate under her foot.

On the outside, the land looked as dull and as empty as ever. But inside was a world Fyre City residents could only dream of....Oasis' lab.

Ria's return was no secret to the workers who were on call and she was soon engulfed by a mass of buzzing people who were screaming questions at her and mumbling to others about her arrival home. When she came to an iron door at the end of the long, narrow corridor, those in front of her stepped aside and without ushering a single word to any of them, she entered the room.

Oasis didn't even turn to face her instead, he just simply smiled under his breath as he welcomed her home. "Was the mission successful?" Ria remained quiet, she didn't want to anger Oasis. He felt like he was being ingorned and banged his hand loudly on the table that sat in between them. Shouting, he reapeated his question. "I said...was the mission successful?!"

"No, Sir. " Ria replied, bowing her head lowly as she gave the answer; Oasis was not one to take things not going his way lightly.

"Then, why not ?" He banged his hand on the table again and Ria looked up at him. Oasis' gaze also rose from the table slowly and their eyes met.

"Their new recruit is stronger then we originally though, Sir. Not physically, but mentally. Not to add that she has been bound to Cambell and Alcott." Oasis' head shot at the mention of Alcott.

The smile returned to his face. "Alcott, you say." Ria nodded and Oasis rose from his seat and turned to face the computer screen that covered the wall behind him. "The orphan is still working with the Brotherhood after they caused the demise of her parents."

"She says she works for them to prove that her family is not weak. We should not underestimate any of them, Sir. The Brotherhood's strength is growing and they know about the few we have converted within the city."

Oasis fell silent again, and let on the small ledge that was just under the computer image. He shook his head and grunted lowly. "Then we need to raise our effect on the city." He began to move a few screens around on the wall and added notes to other pages. Ria stood behind the desk, wondering what Oasis was thinking about doing to the people of Fyre City and their new eniemies that lay within the Brotherhood. A few moments passed, Ria standing watching her boss editing and finalising his plans of an assult on the city... and on the Brotherhood.

With a raise of his hand, Ria stood to attention and Oasis turned to face her. "There is only one thing I can think of doing, Ria." Ria meet his gaze agian, the look of antispiation flowing through her hazel eyes. "We will have to bring the foes in..."

The End

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