Chapter SevenMature

We were not greeted by the sour, dismal and deciving president who had been present in the town square earlier. Altough his high profile voice was still present, he seemed calmer, more controlled and much nicer of a person. He looked at me with a sympathetic look on his face.

He welcomed us into his office with a large gesture. "Take a seat, if you'd please" Pointing us towards two armchairs in front of the fireplace, he watched us as we sat down facing towards him.

"I trust you have been informed as to why you have been called here." Me and Ria exchanged glances, whilst he mumbled to himself. "Well, I'm going to have to go over it then." We shuffled slightly in our seats and the warmth of the fire flowed through our bodies and warmed us through.

"You are the two newest recruits." His eyes shifted over to Ria. "I'm sure you are aware as to why you have been introduced to our Brotherhood." Ria shook her head, unsure as to why the President had addressed her that way. "Your brother, Reece, informed us of Foe activity within the Fischer household and you were the only one who tested negative for any affect of Foes in your system."

Ria gasped. "Reece... turned him in?" Her face had gone from confused to distraught, wondering as to why her brother was against someone she knew. The President smiled lightly at her and nodded in agreement.

"Oasis has fled the area and we need you to help us to track him down."

Ria shook her head wildly from side to side. "I can't betray him. I know where he is and I am required to return to him." Without another word, she rose from her seat and left the office, not closing the office's door behind her.

The President's attention turned to me. He seemed lost for words and I began to feel uincomfortable. I started to fidget in my seat before he finally continued the conversation. "Oasis is belived to be the New Life, the only one who can control the new order of Foes that will cause a demise to the great City. However, we are the only ones who can stop them altough their are a few residents of Fyre City who may allow the Foes to enter the city and take it over." I didn't know what to say. Everything had happened to fast and all I could think about was Ria's outburst and her will to protect the actions of her brother and Oasis. I was still lost.

But who within our city would be working with them if they had fled and the only one who knew their location was Ria.

That's it. Ria must of been recruiting people to join them and her "friend" act on me was part of the plot. But who else would of been weak enough to sucum to her tricks.

"We have a few names as to who may be working with them. " The President continued and I sat back in my seat. "Any many of them had a reason to protest about the trackers because it would give away their hideout." My hand jumped back to my collar and my fingers folded around the leather.

The President looked at me. "One name we have that has been confirmed to be working with Oasis is Richard Stone."

My father.

The End

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