Chapter SixMature

I kept running my hands along the studs in the collar. Not knowing what to focus my attention on, I switched my gaze between my hands on the collar and the brown scar on my arm. I looked around the room, a few bedside lights had been switch on and I noticed Hayden in the far corner of the room, gently rubbing his palm with his thumb. Red, however, had not taken a second glance at me since I had first arrived with her earlier.

I swung my legs round and sat perched on the edge of my bed before I cupped my head in my hands. Ria came bounding over to me, her eyes twinkling and her hair bouncing behind her. Her smile shone through the darkness.

"It's not going anywhere." She giggled. She must have seen me rubbing my collar, so I slowly moved my hand from by my neck. I glanced up at her, her calming smile cut through me like a knife and I felt warmth flow through my cheeks.

"It's just... everything." I muttered. "Everything has just been full speed the past few hours. Just this morning, I was eating lunch with my family and now I am a part of a secret society."

Ria sighed. "It's never easy for the first few days." I felt a bond occuring between myself and Ria. There was one thing I had noticed throughout the entire time that I had been sat with Ria, she had two strips painted across her right eye.

And they were not scars.

"What's with the army paint?" I questioned, trying to make it sound more like a joke then anything. I felt bad when she moved her fringe over to cover the paint.

Slowly, I heard her say "I'm not one of you. I have never been and I don't intend to be." I didn't know what to say. Something... anything could spark off a situation which may leave an indiscreet dent in our relationship. Although I was unsure about why she had told me this, I decided that personal questions were inappropriate to ask at this stage so slowly altered my gaze so I was back playing with the collar.

Ria's eyes seemed to be transfixed onto me as she watched me run my fingers along the smooth silver studs. I looked back up at her and gave the slightest of smiles out of the corner of me mouth, feeling quite awkward in the current situation.

"Stone!" My head shot up as Red began to move towards me, her red hair standing out like a beacon in the darkness. Why did she always address me by my last name? She has never called Hayden by his, so why only me? She didn't wait for a response. "President Hall would like to see you and Miss Ficsher in his office. I'm sure she knows the way" Her tone of voice gave her game away ; she had something against me and Ria.

We didn't feel a desire to hurry to our apposed meeting, but scornful looks from Red made us quicken our pace until we were out of her sights.

I turned to Ria. "She has no right to treat us that way, does she?"

Ria nodded. "Red's parents were the AFB's two most honored Siblings that they ever had until..." She trailed off, her voice changing into a quiet whisper. "Until the accident."

She didn't have time to finish her story before we were escorted to the President's office by a guard. Unsure as to why either of us had been called, we pushed on the door and took a step inside.

What happened was the least we could of guessed.

The End

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