Chapter FiveMature

I woke up screaming, cold sweat ushered out of me and I felt my body tremble beneath the thin, musty blankets. The room around me is dark but faint shadows can be indentified, but they are not definable. They disrupt the shadows as they move towards me.

"Are you alright?" I hear one of them ask. The voice doesn't belong to Hayden or Red. It is a voice I haven't heard before. I can tell it belongs to a female but I am not too sure who.

I rubbed my eyes, a piecering headache soaring across my temple which made a horrible buzzing sound fill my ears. As I blinked and began to come out of my sleep, figures were standing over me, Hayden included. The female to my right was smiling and her black curls fell around her face.

Using the little strength I found in my arms, I pushed my self up and propped my arm against my pillow and rested my head against it. The mass of on-lookers moved themselves so they were all facing towards me; some still mumbling to others. My head was thumping loudly and I began to feel slightly faint. I looked down at my hands which were paler then usual.

What had just happened? Was it a dream ? I shot a glance at my left wrist. A brown circle twisted it way around it. A thin scar has entwined itself in between the thin veins on my arm and it crawls from my elbow down to the tip of my idex finger, it's dark lines standing out against my pale skin.

I gasp. Where had this came from? I run my finger along it, it's rough surface rigged across my skin. I follow the line up my arm until my finger reaches the crook of my elbow, where the scar seems to fade into the skin, almost disappearing from sight. I notice another strange marking on my skin although it is not as promineant as my scar. There is a small mark on my shoulder and it is red and raw and causes a shooting pain to scale my arm when I touch it.

The new girl looks at me, her eyes darting from my eyes, to my scar, to the mark on my shoulder. "So soon." Shocked, I grabbed her arm as began to turn away from me.

"What....what is going on?" She gulped and looked to Hayden for an answer, and I noticed that he made a single movement. He ran his hand along his collar. I copied his movements and my hand clasped a stud on my neck; my own collar.

My attention turned to Hayden as I loosened my grip on the other girl who had told me her name was Ria. "What is this?"

"That is you're tracker. All of the AFB recuirts have them so they can see our location when we are doing contracts." This is what the president was talking about. My father was protesting about this very device around my neck. I then realise why I had the mark on my shoulder. My tracker had been implated while I slept.

Everything was coming together.

The End

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