Chapter FourMature

There was a green light flashing to my right side. Although it was bluured, I could slightly see that the sign spelled out four simple letters : E X I T . Except for the green that flashed rhytmetically, the room was completely black. I felt lost and disoriantated, confused as to what had happened within the few minutes since I had fallen asleep. I rubbed my eyes and the blur seemed to slowly cease before me and become a focused image.

Where....where am I? Why is no one else here?

...And why am I tied to this bed?

Wait ! What ? Why am I tied to a bed ? Before I could restrain myself, I kicked my legs and began to call at the top of my lungs for my release. I heard nothing in response.

I looked towards the area of the room that was slightly lit up by the exit sign. Catching the light from it, I noticed that a piece of silver metal glistening in the far corner. Once my eyes had focused to the light, the piece moulded and formed the shape of a door handle.

My escape.

I twsited my body to the right but the ties around my legs were tight and restricted my movements. The sudden movements caused me to feel faint so I flopped back down to face the ceiling in defeat....although I was not going to quit just yet!

"This won't hurt if you sit still." Someone was with me although I had never aknowledged them to be in here. Forget the pain, I wanted to get out and not worry about what was going to happen to me that would cause me to be in any sort of pain.

Whatever it was, I was not going to let it happen without a fight.

I lurched sidewards again, pulling my right leg over in an attempt to break the restraint. I tried to flap my arms to but they were tied too. Whoever wanted me here didn't want me to escape by any means.

I heard a low laught from the other side of the room as I rested my body back onto the bed before I pulled my entire body weight to the right once again. Something tugged on my right ankle and I dragged it from side to side, slowly loosening the strap which constrained me.

The laugh seemed to increase in volume as I in an attempt to realease my ankle from it's strap. Their footsteps began to get louder as they pounded on the stone flooring. I looked over my shoulder as the owner of the voice came into the view of the light, flakes of sweat running down my face and my breaths becoming shallow and raspy.

The light showed me that the voice belonged to a tall and fair-skinned male who's dark green eyes lay underneath a mass of murky brown hair. His left eye support a long and dark scar which ran a rugged line from his eyebrow to just below his eye, causing the top half of the eye to be closed due to the small scretch of skin over the top corner of his eye. Althought it would of started off painful, it no longer caused him trouble as he slowly advanced towards the bed I was lying on.

I began to struggle again, forcing my foot left to right and having to put up with sweat trickling down the edges of my face until the strap seemed to fall loosely off my ankle and I copied the technique on my other foot. Each time, I frantically shot a glance over my shoulder to see where he was. I then attempted to sit up, using my free foot to push my self and use it for support. Bending my back as far down as I could get it, I clamped my teeth on the end of the leather strap around my right wrist and pulled my head up in a frenzy.

No luck. I wondered if I could release my arms in the same way I freed my ankle. Knowing that my energy levels would get the better of me, I focused on freeing my other foot before I attempted my arms.

I looked down at my left foot, swinging it side to side, I noticed that it was almost free. I stuck my elbows into the table and pulled my body to the side again and felt the strap loosen.

Just a few more attempts and it should be free. I should be free.

I didn't rest, no matter how much the fatigue affected me. My left leg was begining to ache but I was determined to break it.

Fatigue slowly took over me and I stopped slamming my leg against it's strap and I began to feel slightly light headed. I had to rest but I also had to escape. Which was more important to me? I had no idea what he wanted to do to me but then I didn't find out either. I brought together all of my remaining strength and I launched my self towards the edge of the bed in a final attempt to break the restaints.

Unexpectedly, my body carried on over the edge of the bed, although my left arm was still trapped within it's holder. I struggled, paniced and threw my arm left and right. In a flurry of movement, I began to pull on the strap with my free hand, leather flapping under my fingers as I was unable to get a grip.

Flustered and tired, I pulled on the metal buckle and managed to realise my wrist and I fell to the floor in tiredness, my left wrist banging on the floor and causing a strong pain to shoot up my arm. His footsteps turned to face away from the cabinet where he had been stood for the last few minutes and began to head towards me.

My arms slipped on the floor as I struggled to pull my self off the floor in a hurry. With a few slips on the stone, I finally managed to get a grip and pull myself onto my knees. I peered over the edge of the bed, and saw him looking down at me, a poised needle in one hand and a surgery mask in the other.

I gasped and ran for the door, pulling frantically on the handle before I mustered enough strength to pull it down far enough for it to open. Although the rooms ahead of me where cloaked in shadows, I ran forward any way.

I ran with no intention to turn back.

The End

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